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Nikita has been phenomenally amazing this season, unfortunately it is currently suffering from low ratings, which is quite surprising and hard to fathom considering how incredibly quality the show has been ever since it premiered. It is currently "on the bubble" with the threat of not having a renewal, and we simply cannot have that. I have already made a post about this before, but I decided to write out the top five reasons why everyone needs to watch this show and why it deserves to be renewed for a third season, and why it needs your support now more than ever.


001. KICKASS BAMF WOMEN IN CHARGE – Strong, independent women being the forefront on television has become harder to find these days, unfortunately. However on Nikita, you won’t just find an incredibly strong and empowering woman as the leading role (who is also a WOC, btw, another rarity in television), but women are powerful in all aspects in this show. From our protagonists Nikita and Alex to the antagonists like Amanda, and all others featured throughout, this show is all about women kicking ass, taking names, and taking control. Not only that, but an amazing friendship between two women which only grows stronger as the series continues.

002. FIGHTING SEQUENCES – I'll let this speak for itself. Also this, and this, and this as well. Basically, all the fighting and action scenes on this show are hardcore to the max. Choreographed beautifully and made to be as raw and painful as possible, and with someone like Maggie Q who has been trained in various martial arts it is just amazing to watch.

003. HEALTHY AND MATURE RELATIONSHIPS – Michael and Nikita have one of the healthiest and mature adult relationships on television right now, and I say this without bias. While other shows use scandals, over-the-top melodrama, jealousy and countless of obstacles getting in the way of a relationship to make it more ~exciting, Michael/Nikita don’t rely on that kind of stuff. Instead, they focus on mutual trust, respect, understanding and patience. Sure, there are certain complications and hurdles they must overcome like all couples do, but what makes theirs amazing to watch is how they handle it with maturity and honesty. It isn’t perfect, but they make it work. As for the some of the non-romantic relationships on the show, they are just as important in this department as well.

004. AN ENSEMBLE, A TEAM, A FAMILY – The show started out with it being about Nikita and her crusade to take down Division, but since has turned into something much, much more. One of the show’s strengths is having an ensemble cast. It’s not just the friends and allies Nikita has made overtime, but the little family unit that has been created that has kept her grounded. The second season is a primary example of this, where she has people around her as support, who need her just as much as she needs them. It’s amazing seeing how certain characters have progressed since the show started, and how strong they are together as a team and a family. While they do have their ups and downs, at the end of the day, eventually, they all come back together.

005. MAGGIE Q AS NIKITA – Nikita is an amazing character for many reasons. With the magnificent performance by Maggie Q herself, she brings life this beautifully layered character with so much finesse and emotion. Driven by revenge and hungry for redemption, our main heroine of this story is looking for vengeance against the people who destroyed her life, while at the same time hoping to correct the wrongs of her past, of being forgiven of her sins she committed while underneath their control. Nikita is the heart of the story. She is smart, independent and strong-willed, but she has her vulnerabilities, her moments of weakness. She makes mistakes, she stumbles and falls and loses battles. But instead of letting it get her down she learns from them and soldiers on, and she grows stronger because of them. It is because of these flaws that make her so perfect, in my opinion. Makes her more human. While she has lost so much in her life she learns to find love and forgiveness, and hope for a better future. Overall, Maggie Q portrays her so beautifully, making Nikita a three-dimensional, multi-layered complex character that is empowering and inspirational.

Nikita airs Fridays @ 8:00PM on the CW network

Watch online on the CW website, Tweet about it/to the actors/to TPTB/make it trending, relink this post, do whatever to show your support and gain attention for this show, please. It deserves to be recognized, to have another season. ♥
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