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Fandomosity: Fireflyverse (Big Damn Movie), Potterisms (GOF), VMars, Films

-♠- SHINY!: Universal has upgraded the Serenity movie website, with penty of goodies, games, film music and sound bytes wherever you travel through the site. Purely awesome! I couldn't tear myself away from the pretties. I advise everyone, whether or not you're a fan of the Fireflyverse, to check out this stunning site. Right along, there's new pictures here and there also.

-♠- The Pretty Fits: New images from Serenity, which includes: Mal and Jayne with their manly weaponry, Jayne, River, Zoe, and Mal out for an afternoon cruise, and while I cannot get the picture alone there's a shiny picture, third from the top, of River and Mal. Very adorable shot, too.

-♠- You're Symptomatic, It's Chronic: Another Viral Marketing clip has been released, being their fourth episode thus far. This one's truly heartbreaking and Summer Glau's acting talents shine remarkably through this one; she just plunges and stings right into your heart, giving more painful insight to what possibly had happened to her in the Alliance's "special school". Downloadable version here:

R. Tam - Session 165 - Excerpt
(right-click save as)

There's also session transcripts from the previous episodes, a FAQ section, and other goodies on the main page of the viral marketing website.

-♠- Triwizardry: Speaking of newish images, brand new exclusive behind the scenes pictures from Goblet of Fire have been released. Which they include: Rita Skeeter with the Champions, Mike Newell with Daniel Radcliffe, Mike Newell with McGonagall and Karkaroff, and finally Mike Newell with Cedric Diggory.

-♠- Joss Wuvs Veronica: After Joss Whedon's admittingly fanboyish response to his lovefest for Veronica Mars, there's been some talk about him actually wanting to direct an episode of VMars. While there's nothing pointing this to be all the way legitimate, because he's way too busy at this moment with Serenity and Wonderwoman, though it's quite clear that Rob Thomas would absolutely love the idea of Joss directing and episode or two. Do it, Joss, do it!

-♠- "Veronica Mars, The 'Harry Potter' Of Shows": During this evening's repeat of the episode, "M.A.D.", there were glimpses of the second season premiere. Squeeing like I was, I didn't tape it unfortunately because an Amber Alert interrupted halfway into the episode and through my taping. There's a small preview clip on the UPN site which may contain minor spoilers, so be forewarned. All-in-all, everything looks incredibly exciting!

-♠- Upcoming Film Attractions: Memoirs of a Geisha official international Japanese trailer can be located HERE. This film is going to look absolutely gorgeous, just by viewing the trailer; already read the book I know there will be slight differences. And I am proud of that fact, too. Zhang Ziyi is Chinese, and she had to learn Japanese and then speak English with a Japanese accent. That, by all means, is true acting talent and takes plenty of hard work and skill to do such a thing. I am deeply anticpating this film.
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