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GAME OF THRONES and other fandomy things



++ Also a brand new Avengers trailer appeared, making it look absolutely fan-frakking-tastically awesome, plus there are some new clips from The Hunger Games. I hadn't seen any from the latter, but from what I've seen of gifs and such it looks to be completely faithful to how it plays out in the book. Something I am definitely looking forward to seeing in the theaters.

++ Newer monsters to be introduced in Series 7 of Doctor Who, explains Steven Moffat. I quite agree with his reasoning too. It's good to have variety of big bads and nasties, especially when you consider what a vast universe as Doctor Who has, and quite frankly having old monsters returning time and time again does get rather dull and loses its touch. I mean, everyone remembers what happened when RTD brought back the Daleks ad nausem. Besides, Moffat has the ability to create things that SCARE THE BEEJEZUS out of us all, so when he says the newer monsters are better than the old ones I can believe it. O_o

++ Alex O'Loughlin takes a brief leave of absence from Hawaii Five-0. Hope he gets well soon. ♥

++ Want something interesting? According to these statistics, Ringer is considered the top rated CW series in Canadian ratings, followed by The Vampire Diaries and Nikita, all which surpass ATNM. This is quite a fascinating study on how the rating systems differ, but it brings to question whether Canadian ratings even be taken into account for deciding the fate of whether certain shows get renewed. My guess is probably not, hence why the American ratings system is fundamentally flawed and unfair. Le sigh.
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