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Something has been bothering me lately....

Doesn't it bother anyone else that the brothers end up killing the human host the demon is possessing?

This happens more often in the last few seasons, with the introduction to the knife and now with the concept of burning the human bones that once belonged to the demon (since demons were once human too.) Yes, before exorcisms were the only source of getting rid of a demon from a living human body but that was only to send the demons back to Hell, while afterwards discovering other methods that were highly more effective on killing the demon once and for all. However all those methods (aside from Sam using his now ex-demon psychic powers) end up killing the human host also. This is where I am finding it rather problematic.

What about the innocent people they end up killing in the process? What about the families they left behind, wondering about their loved ones? It's a wonder why more people don't come after the Winchesters and other hunters for revenge on those they left behind by their own hand.....

Essentially, my problem with this representation is that the show isn't addressing this issue often enough, and I don't mean they should bring this up every single episode in detail, but rather show the ramifications of their actions whenever they are confronted by having to kill hoards of demons ruthlessly with either the knife, the bone burning or otherwise. It's done so frivolously that it's almost like they have forgotten that there are innocent people involved every time they are confronted by demons. The show has completely forgotten about the human aspect of demon possession. Demons have become personified rather than the incorporeal beings they are, the human face they wear become the threat instead of the black smoke that has assaulted a completely innocent human being. Of course this could make it ~easier~ for the Winchesters, and other hunters as well, to kill and destroy the demons if they focus on the physical form rather than their true forms. But that doesn't excuse it or make it right.

(Note: This can be extended to the humans angels possess as well, although they seem to follow a different code of conduct than with demon possessions; angels can only take a human host of the proper bloodline with willing consent from the human themselves, thereby they understand to an extent what is expected of this "holy possession", whereas with demons they just possess anyone, anywhere, anytime, regardless if the bodies are alive or dead)

Then again, this is Supernatural we're talking about. With the endless list of things they have failed to acknowledge or have just simply forgotten in terms of consistency of the writing and the canon of their own mythology, I hardly expect them to acknowledge any of this. -__-

I kinda also want to address the whole "anything that isn't human deserves to be killed" aspect of the show, which is equally problematic. Never mind how the Winchesters, more often than not, tend to play God in deciding who lives or dies, and in deciding who is "more human" or not. Just, ugh. That is another rant for another time though. :/
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