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Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead....

Having finally caught up with Pretty Little Liars, I can definitely say that I am further confused, terrified and fascinated where things are going to be heading and certainly am in preparation for the season finale on Monday. Not only is "A" going to be revealed but someone is reportedly going to die.

I'm actually wondering how close to the book the show is going to be regarding this reveal, because if they are going by canon then holy shit, this is gonna be good. Same thing with the Alison storyline. This season brought up many clues and things that indicate that they are, indeed, going in the direction I think they're going in, which means that S3 will probably be focusing more on what we've just started getting into re: the truth behind Alison's disappearance. It makes me all excited. I mean, no matter how ridiculous this show gets at times it still captures my attention. Also: I haven't read the books, just the descriptions on what has happened to compare to the show and believe me, I want them to go in the direction that I think they're foreshadowing will come because that shit be crazy omfg.

Oh, and that last episode? Freaked me the fuck out. Those creepy dolls, and the fact that someone was looking through the doll's face was fucking freaky enough. PLL can be incredibly creepy and scary when it wants to be, and that legitimately freaked me out. And I'm not one to get freaked out that easily, jsyk. O_O Kudos to you, PLL.
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