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Pretty Little Liars: "unmAsked" Episode/Season Finale Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.25 "unmAsked"

Such an intense finale, just what I hoped for.

The reveal that Mona was A is truly very shocking, of course for those who read the books knew the entire time. I never read the books, but I have looked at the descriptions so yeah, I knew who the first reveal of A was going to be. I just didn't know whether the show would go in that direction or do something entirely different, since the show doesn't always follow book canon and all. But when you look back, especially during the second half of S2, they dropped subtle hints at it gradually leading up to this reveal. From the discovery that Mona was skilled at hacking into computers and disguising her voice over the school intercom to girl suddenly getting A texts and becoming part of the girls' circle. The phrase, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" definitely applies here. Just like what Dr. Sullivan said, she was intelligent, skilled and most certainly had motive. That ending with Mona's alter ego was fascinating. I also think it's fitting, because the girls kept guessing at who A supposedly might be but they were always proven wrong by something. The show gave subtle hints towards Mona that even if you didn't expect it then, going back now you'll see where it all kind of fits together. It would be the person you least suspect, Mona didn't fit the profile on the outside to be A which made her perfect to be A.

I feel absolutely horrible for Hanna. After the rest of them saw that Mona was A, she was in such disbelief. And I really thought she was going to run Mona over with her car, you could see the emotions on her face still registering, and then after it was all over she just broke down, completely devastated. Imagine your best friend, the person who you thought you could trust, the person you knew for years, turned out to be someone who has been hurting you. I mean, jfc. :(

But of course, this isn't the end of the mystery. Mona is A yes, but only a fraction of A.

She didn't do this all by herself, obviously. And we'll definitely be getting more into that next season with who she's been conspiring with (all of them in fact, all of the "A" Team), a.k.a. the mystery Black Swan/the person taking with Mona at the very end with the red coat.

Other things I liked:

++ Melissa is a nutjob. Some people are thinking that she's faking her pregnancy, which might be plausible considering the things we know now. But of course, we won't know her involvement in this whole thing until later.

++ TOBY AND SPENCER ARE BACK TOGETHER! Finally. To be honest I felt it was incredibly uncharacteristic of Toby to be cold towards Spencer, and of course he was "pretending" to hate and not have feelings for her. Perhaps out of spite? If anything he should be more angry at Wren because he's an intrusive asshole, but that's just me. I did feel like it was a bit rushed, but after everything that happened, with Dr. Sullivan contacting Toby and the entire thing with Mona, I think it's justifiable that all that tension between them just washed away.

++ Maya being dead is quite a shocker too. It makes you wonder who killed her, how long was she dead and if it had been a while....who was texting Emily?

++ Emily's reaction is heartbreaking. :(

++ Is anyone going to question Jenna about her ability to seeing fully now, because if she's making everyone believe she's still blind then how come she's driving around in a car??!

++ I really want to know the reactions from the girls' parents because some of them were really concerned and even trying to track down who A supposedly was. I definitely want to see Hanna's mother because you know this will mess Hanna up royally.

++ That lair was pretty creepy, although not as creepy as the doll store, tbqh. I just wished we could have gotten more of a look of the room. There were pictures of Alison in the paper, in pictures, pictures of the girls, newspaper clippings, plastered all around the wall. There was that creepy doll house with the dolls of the girls (mirroring the book covers), the Halloween mask, other masks like a creepy clown mask, and that doll mask seen in that doll store. I think I just need to get another good look at the room scene again, but it definitely had "serial killer" vibes all over it.

++ I kept expecting the girls to get an "A" text at the very end, but the actual ending with Mona talking with the mysterious stranger was a new added twist that makes me anxious for next season.

Predictions for Season Three

It was my prediction that, if they were going down the Mona route in the finale, then the third season will be focusing on the continuing mystery of Alison's disappearance and murder, including Alison's twin storyline. Something this season has also done really well at foreshadowing and dropping subtle hints for. Again, I haven't read the books but I have read synopsis descriptions and character details, and since they did go for the Mona route I am definitely betting that they are, indeed, going in that very direction of focusing on Alison and her twin, Courtney.

Or rather, Courtney was the "Alison" that the girls knew and the real Alison is the one they've been seeing throughout the show (i.e. their "hallucinations")

This is my hope, at least. Because they've been leading up to that mystery for some time that, and they've gotten closer to that reveal the latter half of this season more than anything. So this makes me hopefully that the twin factor will be dealt with in the third season. **crosses fingers**

It's actually funny, because the third season of Pretty Little Liars premieres in June. That's at least three months away. Not that long when you compare it to the other shows I watch, to be honest. So we shall be anticipating what will happen next until then, because if it's anything like the books as stated, holy crap, we're in for more fucked up shit.
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