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26 March 2012 @ 10:23 am
Politics: The War on Women  
Alaska State Rep. Alan Dick says women should get written permission slips from their impregnators if they want to have an abortion

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett rationalizes ultrasound bill by saying: "I'm not making anybody watch, okay, because you just have to close your eyes."

Idaho lawmaker, Chuck Winder, suggests that women use rape as an excuse for getting abortions

In Georgia, eight women state senators walk out of the Senate chambers, protesting the passing of two bills that would limit access to abortion and contraceptives

Utah Senate passed bill for women seeking abortion to wait 72-hours

Georgia senate panel approves "fetal pain" anti-abortion bill

Wisconsin to ban some abortion coverage and altering sex education by only teaching abstinence as the preferred method of birth control

Tennessee abortion bill would publicize names of the doctors who performed abortions, along with identifying the patients

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis' office was firebombed due to her outspoken support for Planned Parenthood


These are just some of recent issues concerning the attack on women's rights that have been happening over the last several weeks, and this isn't even the tip of the iceberg of this fight women are going through here in the States. What's deeply disturbing is how women's rights are continually being fought over in this day and age, and how anyone can think it's morally okay to deny basic human rights from someone just because of their gender. Or their sexual orientation or their ethnicity, for that matter. But that is precisely what has been happening, and it's been happening for quite some time now.

And why is this? Because of men.

Old white conservative men are enforcing these laws, making these restrictions and attempting to limit women having control over their own body autonomy. They make it so they can be completely invasive over women's privacy, often forcing, manipulating, humiliating and shaming them in the process and hiding behind religious statements that unfortunately is a huge manipulating tool for these people since they are pandering to those with similar mindsets, and it just spreads like poison. These men feel so threatened by women that they feel the only way to control them is by taking away their rights, and because the unfortunate truth is that us women are still considered a minority, still having to prove ourselves worthy to be in the same ranks and treated with respect by our male counterparts, they are still able to take away our rights and limiting access to things that we need (ex. birth control, Planned Parenthood, sex education, etc.)

The thing is this isn't just about abortion. It's about the right to body autonomy. It's about right of getting proper education and information on something so we can make our own decisions for ourselves. It's about the right to be treated equally, to be allowed to work, to fight, to stay at home, to make our own choices about the lives we want to live without anyone threatening otherwise.

At the end of the day, no matter what your personal opinion is on a certain issue, you have no right to impose on the choice of another. End of story.
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avaserenityavaserenity on March 27th, 2012 06:48 pm (UTC)
Very true. One of my friends is a die-hard Republican, right down to Fox News watching believing every anit-Obama thing they say. We rarely talk politics because of it but there are times when I ask her why she's a republican, I honestly don't think she listens to what they say. I honestly have no idea what goes through her head. And this woman is white while I'm Black and so much of what she stands for is so opposite of what the Republican stand for I just don't understand it. The undermine her right as a female, blatently, and it's like she either doesn't see it or she is just that oblivious.

So really, by voting Republican, you're just sticking it to yourself. You are denying yourself the right to be treated as a human being.

I agree. I love Obama, I think he's got a tough job but I don't require everyone to agree with him just because I like him. However I think he has a great grasp on what basic human rights are, the same human rights that Republican claim are being threatened by him. They clearly have no idea what basic human rights are, they have selective and prejuduced ideas they think everyone should follow but no clue about basic rights.

Like listening to Santorum and that preacher talk about how the govenment discourages them from being devout Christians. Now from where i sit I see them trying to impose upon other which is the exact thing they complain about. There is just some major brain to mouth disconnect that they all suffer from. Maybe to join the party you have to go in for brain surgery and have that connector removed.
Renée: Haven. Audrey Parker.rogueslayer452 on March 28th, 2012 06:59 pm (UTC)
However I think he has a great grasp on what basic human rights are, the same human rights that Republican claim are being threatened by him. They clearly have no idea what basic human rights are, they have selective and prejuduced ideas they think everyone should follow but no clue about basic rights.

This is so true, it hurts. I know not everyone agrees with everything Obama has done, and they shouldn't have to. It would be a miracle to have a President to do everything so picture perfect and please everyone. I just think so many have forgotten the pressures that come with the job, and how you have to come to a compromise about certain issues. People don't really understand that he's just one man placed in a position that requires so much attention. But just think of all that he's accomplished over his first term, those things we should be proud of. And think of how those things will be taken away if any of the Republicans take his place, all because they seem to lack an understanding on basic human rights.

Which is why I'm dedicated on making political posts right now, collecting information and facts on the candidates because I feel so many are just that oblivious. People need to be educated on everything the candidates stand for, good and bad.

Quick anecdote: I knew someone who considered themselves very liberal, until one day they suddenly announced they turned Republican. No reason, just that they've gone Republican. They were still very liberal in certain aspects (gay rights esp) but then turned around and voted for someone who was adamantly against those rights. It just makes me scratch my head to this kind of contradiction. Why would you be for something but support a political party/person which discriminates it? Doesn't make sense to me.