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Nikita: "Power" Episode Review

Nikita 2.19 "Power"
"You think you gave me some kind of gift? You took a messed up girl and you made her a broken woman. You told me I was beautiful and you told me I was lied! You took me from one hellhole and you put me in another. Then you dressed me up all pretty, and you served me up to them, just like my foster mother did. I broke your heart? You broke mine."

This scene between Nikita and Amanda was so emotionally well-done, Maggie Q and Melinda Clarke just shine when their characters are confronting one another, and this entire episode was filled with chemistry between the two of them. One of the things I have always loved about this show is the relationships between the women characters, and the Nikita and Amanda relationship was something that hadn't been fully explored before, since Amanda always seemed to have a mysterious presence ever since the first season regarding her role and relationship with Division and their agents. This episode really shed light to the relationship Amanda had with Nikita during her Division days, which is backed up with the developing relationship she had with Alex throughout the entirety of the second season.

What's fascinating is seeing the development of Amanda herself, showing her humanity, something I have been enjoying this entire season by getting glimpses of her relationships with certain characters. But this episode in particular focused primarily on her and Nikita's relationship, from flashbacks to where it first started to where it ended up now, and it shows how they're both quite alike than they'd like to admit.

Amanda hesitated in killing Nikita. She had the chance, but didn't take it.

Same with Nikita. She could have killed Amanda if she wanted to, but she didn't.

Of course we all know that Nikita has a strong sense of morality, despite her dislike for Amanda she isn't a killer, that would be proving that she is still underneath Division's way of thinking, something she is desperately trying to get away from. But for Amanda to hesitate, that is something new, and we see an interesting shift with her. Another aspect of this episode is seeing everything that Amanda has been trying to build up to fall apart. Her hesitation and letting Nikita live was just one falter, the other is losing the sight of Gogol taking over Zetrov and losing Division to Percy. Everything she was trying to gain just crumbled around her. To Amanda she considers this a weakness, her inability to kill Nikita and her inability to keep Alex in line with her, getting too attached and too close, but to Nikita this shows something more about Amanda. She's human. At the end of the episode, Amanda and Nikita say the same line; "I let her live." One with disdain, the other in hope and relief, and even a bit of surprise to herself. In this fight they must choose their battles.

This also raises some questions. Now on the run and being hunted down by both Gogol and Division, it makes you wonder where they are going to go from there and what their next move will be.

In my opinion, it would be interesting to see Amanda and Ari collaborating with Nikita and the rest of them. Not willingly, but rather in a cooperative compromise. I would like the show to explore more with Amanda's character, since they've gotten this far with her, I would love seeing her kind of being morally torn with what to do, considering she's lost everything she was aiming for. Some fans are worried of the fate of Amanda, whether she will be killed at the end of the season. I'm hoping not, since her character is the most intriguing and we've just only begun peeling away the many layers of who she is. But as for the remainder of the season, I would definitely like to see Amanda working with Nikita, Michael and the rest of them in taking down Percy once and for all. Percy is certainly a cockroach they all can't seem to get rid of, so if anything that would be my wish.

This was a review from last week's episode, since there was no new one last night.

To be honest, I'm getting really anxious thinking about the upfronts because I desperately want this show to be renewed for a third season so bad. It needs a third season, dammit. How can you deny quality shows that, and moreover how can so many people not see how amazing this show is? It's just gotten better and better with each episode this season. I mean seriously. At least Nikita Is Addictive was trending last night on Twitter, so that's something I guess. Just, go on Twitter, e-mail the network, do something to get the word out that people are watching, there are fans and we want more Nikita, gdi!
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