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"You can freaking control people by touch! And not in a creepy handjob way."

I have a brand new fandom obsession.

Lost Girl

For the longest time I've been wanting to watch this show, so over the last several days I have download and watched the entire first season and believe when I say that I am absolutely completely in love with this show. There are many things I find enjoyable about it. The mythology, the characters, the fact that we have a bisexual leading character that is a woman who is very comfortable with her sexuality, the way the show deals with sexuality as being entirely fluid and accepted without scrutiny, the adorable friendship between Bo and Kenzi, Kenzi in general (♥!), the music (♥), and just yeah. There is nothing I dislike about this show. So far, it's just absolutely wonderful. What's more amazing is how I have season two to watch, and they are currently filming the third season so I'll be all caught up to fangirl with the rest of fandom!

My favorite character though has got to be Kenzi. I love her. I want to be friends, and partners in crime, with her. Also ask her on fashion advice because her style is phenomenal. :)

Anyone else on my flist watch this show? I needs more people to flail with over it!
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