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Lost Girl S2 thoughts and feels

I just finished watching Lost Girl, and you people were right. It is an entirely different beast from the first season, heavier tone with the mythology and lots of shit went down, and many many feels happened. But that is what made it completely awesome. I'm so excited to be caught up and I am ready for the third season.

As said, this season focused more heavily on the Fae mythology and the appending war that they were about to face, very different from how lighthearted the first season was which was more about Bo discovering who and what she was, her decisions about being unaligned and so forth. It still had the silliness and the amazing character relationships, but the tone was definitely different from what they were dealing with. Revelations were unveiled this season that makes what could happen in the third season even more interesting. Which is good, and I liked their expanding and exploring of the mythology since I am a huge sucker for that, plus it's with massive developments of characters so, kudos to the show for doing all of that.

Speaking of character developments, I am very pleased with how the show managed to handle the growth and development of Lauren's character. She didn't get much last season and I was rather indifferent towards her, but this season? She had an important arc with massive development. I'm hoping that Lauren sticks around not because she is bound by the Light and the new Ash, but by her own decision. Something she wants for herself, something she has been deprived of for so long, making her own choices and decisions that isn't due to being owned by anyone. As for the Lauren/Bo connection, I'm undecided about their relationship just yet, to be honest. I'm hoping for more development on that next season, at least giving them a chance to really explore more of them.

Now, for the Dyson situation, that's a bit more complicated. I loved Dyson last season, but I was warned about him not being himself this season which y'all were right. He was acting like a huge douche, but I can understand why he was.

In order to save Bo's life in the S1 finale he tried to exchange his wolf, but the Norn took his love instead. By taking his love, all of his love, all he had left with a void inside of himself. That was beyond his control, and it really destroyed him once realizing just how empty he was, how unbalanced and not whole as he once was. At the same time though, he chose to act like he did, pushing those he cared about away. First it was Bo, and then it was his partner and best friend, Hale. He made poor choices on handling what the Norn did, and that was his bad. So I can see both sides here. Mostly because I have major Dyson ~feels in general, I could never really hate him. Feel annoyed and irritated by him at certain parts of the season with the way he acted, but never hate on him, because at the end of the day he would do anything to defend his friends. And now that Kenzi, bless her braveness, went to the Norn to get back Dyson's love that was taken away from him, he can return to be the regular Dyson we all knew from the first season.

(It's also going to be interesting, seeing that Dyson now has his love back, and his love is bound to Bo, since wolves mate for life; but Bo has fallen in love with Lauren, so idk where that will lead into next season)


Seriously though, how can you not love Kenzi? She's just plain awesome. I loved how this season really tested her loyalty to not just Bo, but to everyone else they are friends with. She risked going to the Norn to get Dyson's love back, she broke up with Nate, her childhood crush, to save his life (one of the saddest scenes ever, by the way, she had to hurt him so he wouldn't ever come back, despite her really having feelings for him, but she had to make a choice between her bestie Bo and her childhood crush Nate, and just, oh Kenz ;____;) and her being there for the rest of them, defending her friends. She is simply amazing. :)

But I am concerned and scared about what happened to her at the end of the season. What did she come in contact with at the Norn's? Will there be a cure? What will happen to my bb? D:

I definitely ship Hale/Kenzi, though. They just meld together so perfectly. ♥ ♥ ♥

Trick is Bo's grandfather. Didn't surprise me, aside from being a mentor he seemed very protective over Bo the way a parent would be. This just solidifies that bond between them, and makes me love it even more. :)

Also, lol oh Vex. He seems to be the Crowley or the Rumpelstiltskin of the Fae world. lol

I liked the role of the new Ash this season. He appeared to be a major douche in the beginning, but then turned out to be someone they could all trust and it was rather interesting seeing that kind of development. At first I didn't quite know what to think, but it was proven that he was definitely not a double-crosser and had the best interest in defeating the Garuda. I'm kind of sad that he died. I wanted to see his reaction to Bo defeating the Garuda, being that champion.

For Bo herself, I am curious and intrigued where this storyline with her succubus nature is going. That ending was quite ambiguous. Will Bo be succumbed to that bit of darkness within her, did the unbinding only subdue what was to rise to the surface? Is she going to go through her own trial and tribulation concerning that pure succubus power within her? I know nothing about next season and where they are supposedly going to go, but the entire aspect of Bo's character is not playing by the Fae rules and being who she wants to be. She doesn't want to be like her mother, she has said this many, many times. I'm also wondering if her mother is going to make a return, it would be a right time, another test for Bo. I am just intrigued by this in general, never mind the role she will have to play now in the Fae world.

Overall, I was very impressed with this season. It was different, but in a good way. In an exciting way.

Also, let me kind of stress on the point that the second season of Lost Girl is what I wanted from the fifth season of Supernatural. I mean, in the finale they had a huge badass fight between Bo and the Garuda, a fire-eagle Fae. With a flaming sword. Never mind the character development that happened, and the teamwork of both Light and Dark Fae plus a human, for goodness sakes. Oh Supernatural, why couldn't you have been this? Lost Girl achieved in two seasons what you have yet to achieve in seven-now-almost-eight seasons. *tsktsk*

I'm actually quite sad that I've got no more new episodes to watch. :( But it leaves me to anticipate with the rest of the fandom, and now I can go on with watching some of the other shows I've had on my queue.
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