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Longer, more detailed squeeful reaction:

I shouldn't be this surprised at how much I thoroughly enjoyed and loved this film, considering it was done by Joss Whedon, but definitely believe the hype. It is totally worth it. Over two hours long, it doesn't even feel like it. The story moves along with fluidity, never missing a beat, and in my opinion it's all very solid with the storytelling, particularly with the characters. This is something that isn't seen much with superhero films that I've seen, a deep focus on the characters and their interactions, their chemistry, what makes them tick and work as a team. This is something I know that Joss Whedon does incredibly well. All his works include something similar to this, a group of individuals being in a perfectly beautiful dysfunctional family unit that, even with their differences and clashing with each other, they work together and get shit done and they are a team. Seeing that with these group of people was fascinating and enthralling and definitely entertaining. But it's not just seeing them clash with one another, it's seeing them form a bond. That emotional connection that binds them together to fight side by side with each other in the end, and that's what made this movie, in my opinion.

And that is why Joss Whedon was perfect for doing this movie. He understands the emotional points and the importance of these characters and their relationships with each other and gets to express them in this amazing scenes and sequences and having it fit perfectly with the characters.

Moreover, I like that they are all equals in the end. Nobody is singled out, nobody is given less screen time than others, which can easily be mishandled when having a huge ensemble cast like The Avengers. But no, everyone got equal amount of screen time, they all got their badass moments and scenes with each other. Never mind how I wouldn't trust another director to handle Black Widow's character with the way Joss did. She was part of the team, she was an equal, not just mere "eye-candy" or anything like that. Same with Maria Hill, she had gotten a lot of screen time and had importance to the film just as any other character.

This film, it was just so well-done, from the structure of the story and the dialogue and having there be a beginning, middle and end and just, ugh, everything. Plus the scenes after the credits, the first one was the biggest reveal for the possible "upcoming" film following this, which many of the people in my theater gave surprised yelps of joy. The guy sitting beside me literally did a "Woooo! \O/" -- and the scene after that was pure lulz. XD

What I really loved seeing in particular:

++ The special effects were off the hook, like whoa

++ Tony Stark versus Thor, and Captain America coming in to stop the fight

++ Captain America being all adorable with his, "I actually got that reference" It made me think of Castiel, in a way (same with the shield during that fight, where he used it to block Thor's hammer and suddenly the trees around them all fell down, kinda like when Dean emerged from his grave, lol idk why I'm making these connections)

++ Tony Stark versus Captain America

++ Tony Stark in general

++ Big family argument, definitely a Joss project, lol

++ Thor versus Loki, always will be appreciated because the brotherly chemistry between them is just amazing, the actors do an amazing job with bringing the emotions to the table

++ The Hulk beating the shit out of Loki, that got so many laughs, lol

++ Natasha being awesome, as she always is

(honestly, I could go on and on actually......)

Oh, and surprise guests include:

++ Enver Gjokaj being the policeman, which I already knew months in advanced but it still made me ecstatic seeing him nonetheless. VICTOR! \O/

++ Apparently, Alexis Denisof played "The Other", the dude Loki was talking to at the beginning of the movie, during the flashback and at the very end of the movie. This was me when I found out: O_O I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED THOUGH, I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN TO CONFIRM THIS BECAUSE HOLY SHIT WUT

Just, yes. I am still coming down from that high of seeing this movie, so I might have other rabblings later. But you get the idea. Loved it, Joss Whedon should write/direct all things, etc. please please for a Black Widow movie, please please
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