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Nikita: "Dead Drop" Episode Review

Nikita 2.21 "Dead Drop"

I have no idea what is up with Percy. His secret agenda for whatever reason isn't exactly a favorite thing of mine, to be honest. So he's not building a nuclear weapon? Then what is he doing? Planning world domination? Taking over the government? All his secrecy about what he's really up to is rather off-putting to me at this point. Mostly because I just miss Amanda. Her goal was rather simple but effective and there was a lot to be fleshed out with her, but with Percy he's like a cockroach who just keeps coming back with no real plan. He does seem to be a few steps ahead of everyone else. But that's not really appealing to me when that's all he ever does. Even when he was trapped in Division he was certain about his plan of escape that he didn't mind being in there.

I like my antagonists to have layers to them. Perhaps with what the little information we got from this episode Nikita might have something to hit his Achilles heel, but who knows?

Other than that, this episode was really good.

We had Ryan Fletcher and bringing in one more person into their tight circle, another ally they could rely on. Plus Michael and Nikita commenting on what I was just saying last week about how it's just one big family now, instead of just Nikita by herself or when she and Michael were on the run together at the beginning of the episode. I like those little moments, of them just basking in what they have, what they have gained over the course of their mission.

Of course they lost the beach house. Which is sad because that place was lovely, but they are adaptable and will live wherever as long as they are together.

Speaking of together, Alex/Sean omg. ♥ Finally, giving into the moment. She deserves it, he deserves it, they both deserve it. They were cute.

Never mind drugged!Sean was hilarious, lol.

This makes me a bit anxious though, considering that just because things are going well for Nikita and the rest of them now, doesn't mean that shit won't get real by the end. I don't want the season to end on a cliffhanger, I want there to be an absolution of some sort, with a little something hanging for mystery but most of all I want everyone Nikita cares about, and Nikita herself, to be alright. I'm mostly worried because I don't know if the show is going to be renewed or not. *bites nails*

But we'll cross that bridge when we get to the upfronts. Right now I am basking in my own love for this show, that is so perfectly flawless and amazing.

Has anyone else noticed that episodes are being released earlier than usual, like the day before it airs? I've been seeing that a lot and I don't want to think too much of it and start to worry. I'm just curious as what that could mean and why they're doing it now...
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