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Joss is boss, and now everyone knows it.

The Avengers dominates box office opening weekend totaling $654.8 million; $207.4 million domestic and $447.4 million internationally

Let's just process this for a moment.

Being a fan of Joss Whedon for a long time now, you can imagine how surreal it is realizing how big of news this is. Here is a man that is known for creating cult classics, of getting snubbed by the industry left and right, of fighting his way to create something that doesn't get dismissed or canceled (or both) and just surviving with what little materials he has to work with. Now yes this being a Marvel movie it would give him a boost, but as with any writer/director in the business the direction could have gone either way, easily been that "make it or break it" in the industry forever. Fortunately, this was the "make it" move for him. Finally, all his hard work throughout his career has finally paid off in creating something that is getting praise and recognition worldwide. Breaking records in box office history in just 12 motherfucking days. It feels so surreal, yet a lovely taste of victory.

I am proud of Joss, I am proud the fact that he created something knowing what to do with the story and these characters, adding that emotional punch yet keeping things lighthearted and fun while keeping it strictly about the characters and their relationships with each other, as that is what he's been doing throughout his entire career with all his works. From Buffy to Firefly and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and now with The Avengers where everyone can see what he does best with characters. Needless to say, I am very, very proud that he's all getting this kind of recognition he finally deserves, after all this time.

Between this and his other well-received film The Cabin in the Woods, this is, without a doubt, Joss Whedon's year.

Now all I want is for a Black Widow movie to be made. With him writing and directing it.

I mean come on, if they won't allow him to make that Wonder Woman film now, they better at least let him do the Black Widow movie. Out of everyone else, he is the only one I trust to do the character and her story origin justice. I don't care if The Avengers will be his last time venturing to big screens for a long time, I just want this. Joss Whedon for Black Widow movie. Make it happen, dammit.
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