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Some fandom love.

++ For anyone who hasn't read it yet: Joss Whedon's "thank you" message to his fans, remaining ever so witty yet heartwarming at the same time. ♥

++ Nikita gets renewed for a third season! \O/ I am so relieved, like you wouldn't believe. Unfortunately, Ringer (along with The Secret Circle) have been canceled.

++ Pretty Little Liars season 3 promo. Some spoilers though for those who haven't caught up with the show yet, since it reveals who was unveiled as 'A' at the end of last season. It's strange, the second season didn't end that long ago and suddenly we're approaching the third season in a few weeks. Judging from the promo it's going to be good, particularly with characters dealing with certain events that took place in the finale, and also more mysteries to be revealed. Oh my precious show, I could never ever quit you. *pets*

++ Misha Collins proving, yet again, on how he's the most kindhearted perfect human being ever. ♥ ♥ ♥

...Also, this might just be my fangirl brain talking, but I desperately would love to see Misha Collins and Joss Whedon doing something together. I don't care if it's a charity thing like with Random Acts or if it's a project of some kind. You just know that Joss would immediately get a mancrush on Misha just like he did with Nathan Fillion, and thus he would have him be in all things therefore Misha will be expanded beyond the CW and just, yeah. Idk. I just want that to happen at some point, because I feel it would be awesome for both of them. Never mind how awesome it would be to see Misha in Joss Whedony things. yes I am a shameless fangirl idgaf
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