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Nikita: "Crossbow" Episode Review

Nikita 2.22 "Crossbow"

And this is where the shit gets really real.

Apparently Percy is like that swarmy cockroach that wants to take over the entire country by means of using a satellite device which makes it possible to locate dedicators and have them explode at his control. Getting his hands on ancient hardware made in the 80s, that was presumably made obsolete because of upgraded technology, he now has the power to commit domestic terrorism at will to get whatever he wants. Which at this point I'm assuming is world domination, getting to do whatever he wants to do, even by threatening and blackmailing the President of the United States to get whatever he wants.

I still stand on the opinion that I miss Amanda, and I'm hoping we see her if not in the finale then next season because I'm kind of tired of Percy being all "muahahaha I am evil" all the time.

But shit is going down nonetheless.

Nikita devises a risky plan on returning to Division to deactivate the hardware permanently without getting caught. But this is rather important because Nikita, having spent years running away from Division, is through with playing games and done with running. We see her having a nightmare at the beginning of the episode, which gives an ominous feel to it, where her deepest fear is dying in the place that she loathes, that she despises. This plan fuels her determination to face that fear head-on, at destroying whatever plan Percy is having with this technology and take down Division once and for all. This is a moment for Nikita where she stops running and starts facing her biggest demon yet, and the episode ends on a cliffhanger that may decide the fate of those closest to her.

Nikita and Michael are trapped in Division, Alex and Sean are fending themselves off from Division agents, and Birkhoff is alone, completely helpless as his friends are being targeted.

I know that someone isn't going to make it in the season finale, someone from Nikita's group. I'm scared at who that might be, because I love this entire close-knit family and don't want to lose any one of them. HOLDING A PRAYER CIRCLE FOR ALL OF THEM BECAUSE SERIOUSLY. ;__;

I do wonder how it's all gonna turn out in the finale, what is going to happen, and how it's going to lead into the next season. Because knowing this show they're going to up their ante for what's possibly ahead. Are they going into apocalyptic territory? Possible mayhem? Taking things to a whole new level? We shall see....

Happy to see that former recruit from S1. Score for continuity! \O/

lol @ Birkhoff kissing Nikita but why do I get a feeling that that was a goodbye kiss, and not in that metaphorical way he did it in? D:

I was mesmerized by Alex's hair in this episode. WHY CAN'T I HAS YOUR HAIR GURL???

Alex and Sean work well together, not just as a pairing but as partners. They are like Mikita 2.0, so adorable. ♥

WHERE IS OWEN? I WANT OWEN BACK TO BE PART OF THESE TAKING DOWN DIVISION SHENANIGANS. Although with a third season I'm hoping to see more of him, because dammit he's freaking awesome and part of this slightly dysfunctional yet perfect rogue spy family. ;)

The fact this show is getting a third season makes me so happy, like you don't even know. This rarely happens with many of my shows that are of this amazing quality yet aren't reeling in the big ratings. So it's a huge blessing.
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