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VMars: "A Trip to the Dentist" Review

Holy. Shit.

This is more of an overwhelming episode than all the others, which had me shell-shocked all throughout. From beginning to end, everything was simply gold from the dialogue right down to the acting. Kristen Bell delivers with the emotional scenes, right along with her determination and payback scenes as well. I just...I had never been so emotionally attached to any character before Veronica Mars. If anything, this episode proves that Veronica Mars isn't your typical teen drama; it's way better than that.

I cannot fathom my love for this show. Seriously, the mixture of heartache and anticipation, the heartfelt connection between Veronica and myself (and all the other viewers out there), it just leaves you emotionally drained and begging for more. After this, I was not only begging for more I was literally screaming for everything to be further explained as the television screen once the ending credits roled.

Opening Starts With A Bang

Before anything, in the "Previously On..." opening, we see flashback Veronica walking in the parking lot after waking up from that night of the party. On her car windows there's something spray-painted sentences (which I couldn't make out because it went by so fast), and the word 'Slut' written in big letters on her windshield. Assumingly, Rob Thomas had the edit that out of the pilot episode because it seemed too risqué.

The opening sequence was structured brilliantly. Okay, so the entire episode was structured brilliantly, but after seeing all those episodes prior to you'd think this was a special episode the way it started out with Keith finding Duncan in Cuba. And, in a way, it was a special episode -- heartwrenching and emotional, but special. Getting to those parts in just a second. Firstly, Keith in a hat! Duncan's facial hair also is fantastic and clever, noting that he had went away for a while. It was a nice scene to begin with.

Veronica is the shower was nice subtle symbolism, at least from my perspective was symbolism to her washing away the dirt, the shame, and the embarrassment. Basically, washing away the sin that had crept upon her when she started speculating that Logan had something to do with dropping the drugs in her drink. You could see in her expression the disgust, sadness, and relief wrapped into one. Her encounter with Logan at the door was clear that she was done playing the Guess-Who-Raped-Me game. The hurt and turmoil in her voice really grasps your attention that she's serious about this. Because, let's face it, she does love Logan. And after all the people in her life have been letting her down, for the most part, having the knowledge that Logan might've been involved in her getting drugged and raped would ultimately destroy her, psychologically and emotionally. I loved Logan's concern over Veronica mentioning that she was raped, and I also loved that Veronica was determined to figure out who had done this and making them pay...even if the perp happened to be him.

Throwing up plays a major part in this episode. Take mental note of that.

Tag, You're So Not It

Veronica's interrigation of the majority of the populous at Neptune High that had attended Shelley Pomroy's party seemed a little farfetched, considering she had practically all year to question them individually about the party. However, Veronica had her mind set straight on one particular direction: finding out who had drugged and raped her at the party, then leaving whatever she'd done unconsciously between her blackouts to destroy her reputation. Though this was slightly unnerving:
Veronica: You wrote 'slut' on the hood of my car. Why?
Madison: Because 'whore' had too many letters.
Okay, giving Madison the benefit of the doubt because she does seem like that bimboish type of 09er that would've not thought anything of spelling or grammar when writing insults on people's windshields. However, I have observed several people back in high school just like this, and their viciousness was unspeakable. Madison is quite an entertaining character, but such a royal bitch. She did look horrified when Veronica had said she was drugged with GHB, but had gone straight back to cynical and the holier-than-thou bitchiness of denial in helping someone. Of course, Madison only thinks of herself, as witnessed in the flashbacks to the party.

Dick Casablancas is still an asshole, even after admitting to his participation of that night. Beaver isn't innocent in this situation either, but he's less of an asshole for not committing to taking advantage of Veronica. I give his credit for telling Veronica his side, with the sympathy face on the side too.

Oh, and Veronica killing Dick's precious surferboard? Genius! Payback's a bitch, ain't it Dick? Guess you haven't learned your lesson: 'Don't Fuck With Veronica Mars.'

My favorite part, though, is that everyone she interviewed about the party all had their own personal views of what had happened that night, each individual told her how they saw how the events went down. From that, Veronica had managed to take all the clues and place them all together. Or, at least, try to figure out who was causing what since she couldn't remember what had happened to her. Which comes to the ultimage revealed secret that everyone has been dying to know since the pilot episode....

Confronting The Paternity Truth

Duncan and Veronica. Veronica and Duncan. Once high school sweethearts, now divided through a paternity secret -- that they're half-siblings. Or, at this point, the speculation has been confirmed from Duncan's mouth told to him by Celeste Kane, who as we all know despises Veronica and would do anything to keep the two fo them apart. Lilly was right in that aspect, then. Not only half-siblings, she and Duncan could be, but that it was Duncan that had raped her at that party. No stranger, no Dick or Beaver. Just Duncan drunk and Veronica drugged. Having what he had referred to as "consensual sex" that had mentally tormented Veronica for nearly the entire year.

This entire scene had me tearing up and nearing to bawling my eyes out when these two confronted each other. The emotions and levels in this scene was, incredible. Just remarkable. With Veronica crying and demanding to know after everything that's been happening to her since Lilly's death, and Duncan finally coming to terms and telling Veronica what he probably was frightened would be true if he actually admitted it to himself. It's enough to make anyone watching the screen have their hearts stop and their breath caught at the amount of turmoil these two characters have. When Duncan had finally answered that he was ashamed that he'd slept with Veronica because she was his sister, my jaw hit the floor. Veronica's expression, her fears coming to light, and then seeing Celeste Kane standing to the side watching the entire thing unravel....powerful.

Kleenex would've been helpful after this scene, seriously.

The BFF and Boyfriend Troubles

I really adored Veronica arriving at Wallace's home, and finally letting Wallace see her emotions pouring out like a water fountain. Throughout the entire season, she and Wallace never really had a real emotional conversation, not counting their little fight with their parents dating each other. Just the fact that Veronica had retreated to Wallace for salvation, for some kind of relief and sanctuary from the pain she was undergoing at that moment, it was really sweet and adorable. Also, I liked that Wallace had listened to Veronica spilling her guts (though we never saw it onscreen, but it's implied that she did) and wasn't going to ask questions. This definitely proves that Wallace is truly her best friend. And Veronica, showing him her private investigation of the Lilly Kane murder investigation files was also a turning point. She was trustworthy of Wallace in the past because she knew he never questioned her motives for things, but now her revealing her secrest to him opens that door for the bonding that they have closer together.

It really is an adorable scene. But this episode has a bittersweet ending which involves both Logan and Veronica, and what she finds that might destroy their relationship forever....

Of course, she apologizes to him for making false accusations. Although they were accusations with a good cause behind them, because Veronica had been without knowledge or anything about that night that defined her reputation at Neptune High. After making up, she and Logan are surprised as Aaron Echolls has a "surprise" birthday party for Logan -- apparently inviting all of his friends (including Dick and Beaver) to witness the relationship of him and Veronica. Smooth move, Aaron. I would've thought he would keep to his promise about keeping their secret relationship hidden for as long as possible. Apparently not so much. But that greaseball has other things up his sleeve than forgetting his son's birthday over the years, doesn't he? But that's for the finale review.

Finally, the Bedroom Scene. Probably vital to the entire unraveling of the mystery surrounding the plotline of the first season. Cleverly placed together in perfect motions, Veronica discovered a hidden camera video cabinet. Personally, this was ultimately surprising because Logan doesn't seem like that kind of guy that would videotape having sexual relations with his girlfriends, unless he'd taken some pointers from Paris Hilton when she guest-starred as his Barbie Girlfriend in the second episode. Nevertheless, Veronica found it and she was shocked if not disturbed of what she was seeing. so, what is she going to do now?

Whee! Weevil to the rescue! She had, inevitably, called Weevil to rescue her, which had had responded without missing a heartbeat, and they both ride into the moonlight. The Veronica/Weevil in me was squeeing at this point.

Overall Reactions

Heartwrenching hour, this definitely was the one that will have me begging for a Kleenex whenever it airs (or when I start watching the DVDs.) Though I didn't necessarily cry during the episode, I spent a great amount of time afterwards grabbing more tissue paper from the bathroom because -- Holy Mother of God, this was the episode of VMars that everyone should watch. Regardless of your stance of the series.

I'm still emotionally healing from tonight. So, yeah. I'm absolutely pissed that Kristen Bell is hardly going to be recognized and nominated for an Emmy. Because she damn as well deserves one, gorramit. As all the actors do on this show.
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