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Once Upon A Time: "A Land Without Magic" Season Finale Review

Once Upon A Time 1.22 "A Land Without Magic"

Now this is how you do a season finale.

It's rare for shows to give a kind of satisfying bookend to everything that had happened throughout the season, and with all the ranting and debating and arguments the fandom has gotten into on various of things, I'd say the finale really brought everything together quite nicely. Some might think it was too rushed or too predictable, and perhaps it was, but in the end does it really matter? I was glued to what was going on, waiting and anticipating for those certain things to happen and when they did I was absolutely thrilled.

Emma finally believing was the one thing I know we were all hoping for all season long, and I know some people got frustrated with her because she refused to believe in magic, and I know some think it is rushing things a bit to get her to suddenly start believing within minutes of the finale. But in my opinion, it works because that's why Henry did it. From where I stand, Emma needed something drastic to happen to give her that final push at opening her mind to the possibility of it being magic. I think people are forgetting that Emma is a cynic and skeptic first, thanks to the hard upbringing and past experiences in her life, and you can't make a believer out of a skeptic, not without much evidence to back it up. Even if that evidence is being presented to her, like with August showing her his wooden leg, she couldn't see it because she refused to see it. You can't force someone to believe in something when they don't want to. So that's why Henry needed to take desperate measures. He believed in Emma, he knew that she would start believing once he took a bite out of the apple and realized that it was, indeed, magic, and that she would do whatever it took to get him back. Which is why her suddenly believing makes perfect sense, imo. She was already questioning certain things for a while now, having that internal conflict between her rational part of her brain and that other part that just goes with that belief, so when push came to shove she opened herself up to that possibility and it crept up on her. She couldn't deal with anything else other than realizing that a.) Regina had done this and b.) getting Henry back. She didn't care about anything else in that moment and I think she'll have time now to properly process everything. Yes, even after battling that enormous dragon underneath the town because yeah, if there's one way to snap someone's attention to the reality of magic being real, that would definitely do it.

And honestly I could go on with an entire essay about this. Same with many other topics discussed. Once Upon A Time is quite complex than anyone ever realized it would have been. From the way David and Mary Margaret have been due to the curse to the complexities of antagonists like Regina and Rumpel and Jefferson, and everyone else involved.

So yes, I was very pleased and satisfied with this finale. It was everything I had ever hoped for in them concluding this part of the chapter of the story. We had Emma believing, the Regina and Emma smackdown right before teaming up to save Henry, battling dragons, true love's kiss saving Henry along with breaking the curse, everyone's memories returning, SNOW AND CHARMING FINDING EACH OTHER ONCE AGAIN (♥) and RUMPEL/BELLE REUNION OMFG (♥) and of course, the big plan of Rumpel's of bringing magic back, which will no doubt allow Regina to have her powers as Queen back (in our world? is that Rumpel's big plan of bringing magic into our world? seems to be...) which adds to what other damage can she create now that this will be happening.

Overall, very impressed and am in love with the finale. With the whole show, even. ♥

So, next season, magic is coming.

Predictions and thoughts, I wouldn't know where to begin. However one thing is certain: I want the Charmings to be reunited, all of them. The big royal family together at last, after everything they've all gone through I just want some family bonding time, and for them to be together next season. That is all I am asking for. Please show, please?
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