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Nikita: "Homecoming" Season Finale Review

Nikita 2.23 "Homecoming"

This finale, I loved it. It was simply flawless from beginning to end.

This also seemed like a perfect placement for a series finale. Nikita accomplished her mission, Percy is no longer a threat to anyone anymore, both he and Roan are dead, and Division is no longer going to be in operations except to fix the damage that Percy had left behind. She still has those she loves by her side, which have grown immensely over the course of the series from when she started out alone and on the run, now she is with a family she never thought she could have. If the show had not gotten a third season, this would have been an acceptable way of ending the series. It was a bookend to Nikita's story with satisfying results, but the work still isn't done, leaving things open for another chapter.

I honestly never thought the show would actually kill Percy and Roan off. Actually, my worries were more focused on Nikita's group than with anyone else. But Percy seemed to be that cockroach that never died, and always was one step ahead in escaping. But I guess even his time was running out, considering his entire plan was falling apart all around him.

Nikita making that final decision about Division is something that I should have seen coming before. In hindsight, even in makes perfect sense. Her main goal was to destroy Division, and she has. The Division she was in. Now she, along with Ryan and Michael and everyone else, are going to make it right. In a way, everything led her to this moment of actually making a real difference from inside the place she once considered her enemy, the poison inside her veins she wanted to get rid of. She eliminated the main problem, the vermin that placed that poison there, and now she's going to drain all of that away by creating something good out of a place of evil. Carla had been right, in a way. Division can become a place for good, and Nikita's gift is by caring and undoing the wrongness that something like Division has left in the world. I think I love this development most of all. Nikita had been running away for a long time, and from these last two episodes of the season she decided enough was enough. She was no longer running away from the problem. She was going to face that problem, her worst demon, and destroy it once and for all. And she did. Now, no more running. It's time to fight back from within the facility she once feared, she once hated, because it's no longer being controlled by someone who only wanted power.

This is Nikita's entire statement. This is what she stands for. As much as she would love to just escape it all and go off living in a beach house on a deserted island with the love of her life, this is more important. There is a lot to fix, there are more threats out there (Amanda and Ari, for example, and the others who Percy was making deals with) so her work is not yet done. Probably never will be. But she is no longer alone. She has those around her now who will stand by her side, and that is something she never counted on before. The odds are on her side now and with that, I can't wait for the third season.

Okay, so this was mostly a word vomit of me just gushing how much I loved this direction for the finale, and for Nikita's story overall. I just love it all.

I love that Ryan is now taking charge of Division, with the help of Nikita and Michael and Alex and Birkhoff, of course.

I love the relationships on this show. Nikita/Michael, Alex/Sean (their adorable banter), and now Birkhoff/Sonia.

I love that everything came full circle in the end.

And now the next chapter can begin. I'm hoping it will be just as top-notch, if not better, as this season has been. We've come a long way folks, and it's only just beginning.
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