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Revenge: "Reckoning" Season Finale Review

Revenge 1.22 "Reckoning"

The first season ends with a bang, and with some explosions and shocking revelations.

Emily goes to confront the White-Haired Man, making her identity known to him and saying that they have unfinished business because of what happened to her father. The fight between them is upfront and brutal, but it doesn't end the way many were hoping it would. Instead of killing him, she lets him go. Realizing that while her main goal is getting revenge and retribution for those who wronged her and her father, she decided to spare this man's life to honor her father who wouldn't want to see her committing something so heinous. Which in a way, could be disappointing for people who watch this show because they want Emily to get some satisfaction and achieving her season-long goal. But in another way, Emily isn't a murderer. She about revenge, not killing. It has been brought into question whether she is capable of killing someone, no matter what the cost, and whether her need for revenge is deep enough for her to commit the deed. Apparently, her humanity brought her back to reality and she has preserved that in order to move forward.

It's interesting how the White-Haired Man didn't even reveal Emily's true identity to Conrad. You'd think he would have, but perhaps there's something else with him? I am sensing something else with this man that is above and beyond the payroll of Conrad Grayson.

The rest of the episode had a lot of things happening, some things that weren't surprising, like Emily and Daniel breaking up, others that were an inconvenience such as fake!Amanda abruptly coming back. Pregnant. Just as Emily was about to go to Jack to tell him everything.

But the biggest revelations?

The plane that Victoria and Lydia went on apparently exploded.

And the startling revelation that Emily's mother is still alive.

This is really going to expand things next season.

Revenge Season One Overview

The first season was simply amazing from start to finish, and is perhaps one of my favorite new shows and I am happy that it has gotten a second season.

The execution of the entire season was done really well, the first half obviously was to show Emily in control, how she is playing these people from the inside out and watching them slowly decline and tearing everything down one person at a time. The second half really demonstrated how everything just spun into chaos, quickly unraveling unexpected twists and turns. Trust and loyalties were being tested on all sides, betrayals and conspiracies and plotting against one another happening so fast that characters you thought you once liked now you're questioning whether or not you should now based on their decisions. Never mind that the last half really tested Emily and her trust of others as her control was rapidly slipping through her fingers. The last few episodes really showed us exactly that where it seems that Emily has lost so much that she tried to gain in her plans of revenge. She lost Daniel, she lost Sammy, she lost Jack, she thought she was about to lose all the evidence that would exonerate her father before Nolan presented her the backups towards the very end there. You become so immersed with this character, you want her to accomplish her mission, get her revenge and live happily elsewhere knowing that her father's reputation has been cleared and everyone knows of his innocence, and when things start not going as planned you get worried, and even wanting her to just tell someone (i.e. Jack, for instance) everything.

But most of all, you just want her and Nolan to team up and do some real damage to others. Screw the Hamptons, screw everything else, just burn the entire town to the ground.

Which is why, knowing how invested I was with this character, with her goal and wanting her to achieve it, never mind having mixed feelings about other characters and their involvement and constantly questioning things, is how I knew that this show is just amazing. Every episode keeps up the momentum, it makes you sit at the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.

My wishes and speculations for next season...

Seeing as how Emily is now without any particular ties with anyone, due to her connections being cut off of people in the Hamptons, never mind that revenge goes above and beyond the Graysons at this point anyway, I am hoping that she and Nolan will team up together to search for the truth of her mother. Not for the entire season, maybe just the first half, but either way. I just want more Emily and Nolan BFFing it up and working together. This season really brought their friendship closer -- slowly, with Emily finally opening herself up -- so I'm hoping for more development on that end.

Victoria is not dead. She can't be. She's too much of an essential piece of the show to be gone.

I am not happy with fake!Amanda being back, or just her presence in general really. I liked her for the short while she appeared at first but her just being back is just adding that obstacle for preventing Emily from getting something for herself. It's also awfully convenient that she reappeared now, suddenly pregnant. I have a feeling Takado had something to do with this, to not allow Emily to be emotionally involved and lose sight of her main objective. So I'm hoping that fake!Amanda doesn't stay around for a long time, and disappears again and never comes back.

I am kind of rooting for Emily/Jack, but if he doesn't get it together (i.e. stop obsessing over fake!Amanda and realize that she's destructive and ruining everything) then I am going with my first OTP: Emily/Revenge, and for Emily and Nolan to just go around and be awesome together.

More conspiracies to be unraveled next season, particularly since everything is connected to someone bigger and higher up than the Grayson's.

More with the White-Haired Man, why didn't he reveal the truth about Emily to Conrad? Is he somehow involved with the disappearance of Emily's mother? Of faking her death? He did bring her up during the fight, after all, which is looking more suspicious at the moment.

Honestly? There's so many things that I want to happen next season. Characters to come to their senses, showdowns to happen, more revelations to occur. With a show like Revenge that thrives off the delicious vengeful drama, anything can happen.
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