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Pretty Little Liars S3 + favorite new music artist

Pretty Little Liars premieres its third season this Tuesday, and believe me when I say I am super excited. Even with its drama and silly ridiculous moments at times, this show brings the awesome with the suspense and mystery and becoming an addictive part of my television watching, and it's one of my top favorite fandoms at this very moment. If last season brought us the identity of A, or at least part of A, then this season is going to amp everything up by revealing more of the truth behind what really happened to Alison and the secrets she was hiding, which are much darker and twisted than what they've previously been facing (note: I only know certain events that happened in the books, not entirely sure how the show is going to play it out, but judging from hints they've dropped, esp last season, I am optimistic that they are going in that direction.)

With that, here is the official music video for S3, performed by ZZ Ward, which appeared earlier in the first promo for the season:

Being introduced to her through this kind of promotion thanks to the show, she's quickly becoming a new favorite musical artist. Listening to her songs, specifically "Better Off Dead" and "Overdue", I have fallen in love. Her voice is incredible, very soulful yet with a certain edge to it, that particular girl grit that I enjoy. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

And I can't wait for my show to return on my screen this week! :D
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