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Observations and Theories: Veronica Mars, Episode 1.21

"A Trip to the Dentist" has got to be the emotionally draining episode I have witnessed since "The Body" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The amount of levels in the performances and storylines crammed into one episode, let alone revealing a solved but not resolved situation, definitely counts as the Best Hours of Television in my book.

So, after processing all there was from this episode I started contemplating on what had happened, sort of analyzing Veronica's life-altering findings and concluding them into a series of observations. Mind you, they do contain spoilers if you haven't seen this episode, just a forewarning.

1. Veronica still hasn't told her father what happened to her that night at the party. We were never given the impression that Veronica even mentioned her passing out from being drugged and presumably raped at Shelley Pomroyce's party, which isn't necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. I'm actually agreeing and disagreeing with her decision about that. This is her personal battle she has to face by herself, though she'd been ignoring it for some time -- saying since the pilot that she was no longer that girl, and that she was willing to let it go but not forget about it. I also understand that with Lilly's death, her mother leaving, and Keith called out of office, everything was just a gigantic mess and it would've done any good for Veronica to mention that she was drugged and raped. Although despite those things, Keith is her father and the only trustworthy parental unit in her life. Any parent would be mortified by these details, but it doesn't help the situation by silencing the words of a victim, especially to the parents of the victim. Veronica and Keith have a wonderful father-daughter relationship, and I believe she should've told him by now. But, this is her call to make. Veronica decides when she's ready about that night.

2. Duncan still loves Veronica even after believing that she may be his half-sister. Duncan Kane is practically that kind of character where you have no idea on your stance of opinion about his is, though you feel sympathetic because, really, he's just a damaged kid with a fucked up life. Epilepsy, taking medication, being accused of murdering his sister, Celeste Kane as a mother....Duncan doesn't know what to believe anymore. I have no doubt that Celeste Kane (a.k.a. Mommy Sneerest) had something to do with convincing Duncan that Veronica is his sister, even though there isn't a paternity test proving this fact (yet, anyway.) I like the fact we have this V.C. Andrews twist; it's devastating, it's heartbreaking, and it's bittersweet because Veronica still has feelings for Duncan and vice versa. They were childhood sweethearts -- and possibly, childhood half-siblings too. Though I doubt the paternity is true, considering the VMars promo as seen on UPN, but I really do like the twist; it's something other networks would be sketchy on airing. Thank God for Rob Thomas.

3. It wasn't consensual sex. Duncan was extremely wasted that night, and Veronica was practically unconscious from being drugged. Both of them were victims of a heinous and unforgivable act committed by high schoolers that just wanted to have a little "fun and entertainment" that year. They had no control over their actions, Duncan felt guilty but left Veronica there alone to believe that she was raped by some stranger. Furthermore, it could've been consensual considering Veronica hardly remembered anything between the time she passed out and then woke up the morning after.

4. Dick Casablancas is an asshole. Asshole, complete with a capital 'A'. Whatever happened that evening we'll never actually know, since everyone Veronica interviewed and interriogated told their perspective of that particular night differently, although skewed as the details were it was made pretty darn clear that Dick was just your ordinary asshole with a sleazebag bastard on the side. It was disgusting how in one POV flashback where Dick wanted to have sexual relations with Veronica while she was passed out and unconscious on the bed, and how ultimately serious he was about doing so. I seriously wanted to have the SVU team come crashing in and Stabler to be beating the living shit out of Dick.

5. Meg's relationship with Duncan. Alright, I like Meg. Who doesn't? She's the only 09er that's be remotely friendly towards Veronica, and doesn't give into the rumors and gossip about her in general. However, in this episode she kind of leaves this space where she's not helping the situation. When Duncan is beaten up his car out of anger (after discovering and seeing that Logan and Veronica are together), she immediately gets defensive and says, "It's about Veronica, isn't it? You're still in love with her!" My mental response to this: "This isn't about you, sweetie. There's more to it than that, you know." Of course, Meg isn't clued into the complexity of the drama between them -- let alone Duncan's feelings and medical condition. That wasn't a justified moment for Meg's character, in my opinion.

6. Celeste Kane is a manipulating witch. I firmly believe that she literally is brainwashing Duncan into believing about the paternity issue between him and Veronica. Also, the way she treats him. She advises that, after returning from running away, that he take his medication if he should disappear again. Medication. Like that boy needs something more to screw up his life. She also speaks to him as if he were a disobedient child, but without the baby-talk. There's No affectionate connection between them. Mommy Sneerest also blackmailed Veronica's deal with releasing Weevil with the reward money that she pleasingly denied Keith of getting. Bitch? Absolutely.

This episode and the season finale were the only episodes I hadn't seen. One down, one more to go before the second season premieres on the 28th of this month.
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