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Pretty Little Liars: "It Happened That Night" Season Premiere Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.01 "It Happened That Night"

The premiere begins five months after the events of the finale. Mona is in a psychiatric hospital, Garrett is in prison, the girls have gone through the summer without much troublesome aspects aside from getting some media attention here and there surrounding the events that have plagued their lives for the last few years. Everything appears to be back to normal. Or so they thought.

During the night of their sleepover celebration before the new school year starts, Emily disappears. The girls find her at Alison's grave, which has been dug up and her body has been taken out. Emily doesn't remember how she got there, considering she is still slightly drunk from the evening. The girls believe someone is messing with them, attempting to frame them, so they discard any evidence that they were ever at the grave sight and go up to Spencer's family cabin to cover it up as their alibi for the night. They contemplate going directly to the police to report what they know, but they realize they don't know the whole story, and it could create more of a mess of things they don't want to stir up.

The rest of the episode deals with the aftermath of that, how the girls are coping, both with the events of that night and their own problems since the entire A fiasco started, until the very end when they realize that it's not over. Another A is out there, one that was an accomplice to Mona over the last two years, and toying with them. A they are deadly serious with their intentions.

What I noticed in this premiere is how it mirrored the pilot in many ways. Of course, I believe it was intentional to bring everything full circle and for everything to repeat again, just under different circumstances.

Another thing is how the girls all have certain ways of coping with what had happened to them. Emily went away during the summer and spent the majority of it partying hard, drinking to the point where she blacked out. This is her coping with the loss of Maya (which is depressing when you think about it, because both girls she fell in love with ended up getting murdered, just the fact she isn't completely fucked up by now is impressive considering D:) Aria is affected by nightmares, by having to look over her shoulder constantly and having panic attacks. Although, I think it's interesting that she was affected the most seeing as how A never directly targeted her as heavily as the other girls. Hanna is dealing by wanting answers from Mona, secretly visiting her at the hospital trying to make sense about why someone she considered her friend did this to her. And Spencer is dealing in her usual way, of figuring things out, of piecing the puzzle together, which eventually leads the girls together to realize that not all those pieces fit. Even though Mona and Garrett are put away, it doesn't mean the danger is over.

Things I liked in the episode:

++ Spencer/Toby and Hanna/Caleb being adorable and coupley. I love that they're together and hopefully will continue to be together like this.

++ Hanna trying to expand her vocabulary, lol. Oh Han. ♥

++ Mona. I love that she's a series regular now, because I love her. And I love that Hanna has been going to see her, trying to communicate and get answers. But I also love that there's something else going on with her, that she's either scheming or plotting something, or just doing what she's told so the ringleader of the A Team can continue tormenting the girls. Obviously Mona is going to be playing a bigger role this season, and I'm hoping for some more fun stuff with her in the mental hospital, and with her and Hanna.

++ The girls dealing with things their own way. I like that after everything they're still affected by it, some more than others.

++ The little Alison hallucination that Mona had. She was wearing the red coat, reading Lolita. The person who visited her at the end of the finale was wearing a red coat. Obviously, this is definitely foreshadowing, tbh.

++ That ending. It was creepy, but really added the new level of what they're dealing with now.

Things I didn't like:

++ Ezra.... -___-

++ Wren. I get major skeevy vibes from him now.

++ I do think using "Hands of Time" to close the premiere was using a bit too much of the mirroring the pilot similarities, y'know? I also don't think it was timed right, but that might be just me.

++ I was kind of distracted by the change of Hanna's hair, and not in a good way. Aria's is different but it suits her. Idk about Hanna's new do though. Perhaps it'll get changed over the course of the season, or maybe I'll get used to it. I just miss her luscious curls, that's all. However, what made up for it was the bikini scene. Because, well, boobies. ;)

++ Sometimes I wonder if the girls remember that they speculated that there was more than one person being A. Garrett and Mona being locked up doesn't mean that the danger is suddenly over, or that they don't have other suspects to be worried about. They mentioned several times last season that A might be a group of people, even Mona mentioned about there being an A Team. Granted they might have chucked that aside because of her being kind of mentally unstable, but it's something to keep in mind, in times like these, you know? Never mind that YOU DON'T LEAVE YOUR PERSONAL SHIT THAT MAY HAVE EVIDENCE ON IT UNATTENDED. DOES IT REALLY TAKE FOUR PEOPLE TO INVESTIGATE WHY THE CAR ALARM WENT OFF? A TREE BRANCH COULD HAVE FALLEN ON IT OR SOMETHING. lol oh this show. *pats*

Overall: It was a good premiere. I kinda can't wait to see the outcome of this, I predict that Emily is going to be tossed through the ringer once again because of what she can't remember and whoever is texting her does and will use that against her. Plus with Mona and Hanna and everything else. Can't wait.
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