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Pretty Little Liars: "Blood is the New Black" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.02 "Blood is the New Black"

Following the events of the premiere, the girls are now being traumatized by a new A player in town, one that is playing in more dangerous territory than their previous encounters with their mysterious foe.

The girls are going through their own separate things, as well, on top of everything spinning out of control for them. Spencer continues to try and visit Garrett in gaining some more information on what happened to Alison's body, to which he is mysteriously keeping to himself (odd enough because if he isn't guilty as he claims, why would be remain silent or not give Spencer anything to go on?) Hanna tries to get Mona to talk, only she ends up getting frustrated, only her second time visiting her in the episode Mona does speak, only briefly, asking whether she and the other girls are receiving texts again. Aria is now dealing with the fact that Meredith, the woman her dad was having the affair with, is now applying to be a teacher at Rosewood High and it's implying that they are seeing each other again, or going to. Of course, now Aria has another issue where Meredith possibly might not have been the only woman her dad was having an affair with.

But Emily gets the worst of things, in my opinion.

Already feeling immensely guilty over everything that has happened, she is continuously on anxious and on edge. After finding a mysterious necklace in her schoolbag made out of human teeth, she is trying to complete assignments and pass some make-up tests even though she is lagging behind. She then gets triggered into remember more about what happened that night when she blacked out. Basically, Emily going through these triggers, while vital to piecing the puzzle together on what really happened, is perhaps adding more stress to what she's dealing with right now. I feel like she's holding everything in and she's going to explode or have a meltdown because of it, tbh. Poor thing. ;___;

I'm also interested in the other subplots that have been introduced this episode, which gives us more questions than answers.

Will Meredith get Ella Montgomery fired so she can have a teaching job at the school?

Whose earrings were those if they weren't Meredith's? Did Byron have more than one affair with someone else, or did Alison plant that in his office as an excuse to get Aria all fired up?

What the fuck is up with Melissa? They keep mentioning her like something tragic happened? Did she have the baby? Or, the most likely answer, did she have a miscarriage? Is she who Garrett is referring to, someone close to Spencer who has been lying directly to her face? Garrett was kind of "involved" with her before he was arrested. So he would obviously know more about her situation. Also, Melissa has been very sketchy, even before the whole video reveal. She could very well have faked the entire pregnancy and faked the miscarriage as well because, as Garrett said, medical records don't lie.

Where is Jason? I miss him.....

Why did Spencer's mom go see Garrett and is, apparently, his new lawyer? Even after everything, especially telling Spencer to not see him? How long had that been going on? Did Garrett know, has he been leading Spencer along this entire time? Is her mother protecting her by being involved with his trial?

With the tweezers, and what I am suspecting from the last episode Hanna's visiting pass, is Mona planning an escape? Of course she intentionally injured herself with the tweezers, I'm wondering what that's about.

That ending with the new A buying new materials. Gloves, and hoodies. Many of them. This leads us to questioning if we're going to be seeing more members of the "A" Team or we're going to unveil who the members have been.

01. Melissa Hastings
02. Lucas
03. Wren
04. Noel Kahn
05. Ezra (?)
06. The Mysterious Black Swan Girl

Other things I liked about the episode:


++ THE GIRLS USING THEIR NOGGINS! BEING SMART ABOUT THINGS! OH GIRLS, YOU DO ME PROUD. I mean okay, I joke about them being slightly careless (like leaving their shit that may have potential evidence lying around unattended) but in all honesty I think sometimes they really don't know what to expect, and they don't quite understand the game A is playing. They have attempted trying to outsmart A before, but it only got A to become more vicious. But at the same time, I wish they would try to find other methods of getting or keeping evidence. But here, we have them coming up with plans, and finally having the upper hand in something.


++ The flashback. I love seeing Alison flashbacks, and this one was no exception. ♥

++ Plenty of comedic timing, especially from Hanna, Spencer and Aria. My favorite, aside from Spencer's comment about Ezra's supposed "sock" drawer having flaps in the middle (XD) was definitely this:

++ Ella Montgomery. I know, what she did probably might get her fired, but I love how much she cares about the girls and is worried about Emily. What I have loved in seeing in this show is the supportiveness of all their mothers, even if they have to do certain things to protect their children. The fathers, well, they are more questionable in what they do and how they go about things. This show is more about the girls and their mothers.

++ How the beginning of the episode has them in the bathroom, and ends with them in the bathroom. Also, cramming into one stall? lol loved it. XD

++ All the scenes with Mona and Hanna. I am loving their scenes together, plus the subtle nuances of Janel's performance, just the way that you notice Mona flinching or giving away something in her facial expressions. Can't wait to see what they do next with her.

Things I didn't like:

++ Wren. God, I can't stand him. What's interesting is how he's always conveniently around when things start happening. He's always initiating things, always, and it's suspicious as fuck. STAY AWAY FROM HANNA YOU ASSHOLE, I AM FUCKING WARNING YOU. DON'T YOU DARE GET IN BETWEEN HANNA AND CALEB OR I'M GONNA CUT YOU. >:/

++ Ezra. Just, no. Stop existing. -___-

++ Byron. I mean, how much sense does it make for him to make Aria go and apologize to Meredith? I mean, yeah she is regretful of what happened and it's ancient history, but for fuck sakes she was angry at him for lying about ending an affair. His teenage daughter felt betrayed and now that it's out in the open about what happened, he acted like she committed a crime or something. And now with the possibility of that having him and Meredith seeing each other again, right after just divorcing his wife? How fucking shady do you have to be? I mean honestly, what an asshole. I mean in ways he tries, but he always gets things so fucking wrong and it's like, ugh. :/

++ Speaking of Meredith, I don't like how cold she's being to Aria. She had an affair with a married man. How could she not at least be more understanding or, at least, remorseful of her actions?

Overall: Such an amazing episode. It had a lot of information, but none seemed cluttered or overdone. We have a lot of new things to question and ponder about for the rest of the season. And we have the girls dealing with things but never alone, and they need each other now more than ever with this new A threatening their lives. So, totally excited for what is to come this season.

It took me forever to find a decent link that wasn't corrupted, and could actually work in my country. I know things have been difficult to find workable and accessible uploading sites since MU had been taken down, but this is rather ridiculous. :/
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