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Idek anymore...

I just don't understand how certain books end up getting published and become immensely popular when they are ridiculously and embarrassingly horrible, and deeply problematic, to begin with. Let alone having certain "authors" be considered legit writers (lol) when they have had little understanding of how to write a cohesive story, especially when everyone knows that their work is literally published (bad) fanfiction of something equally as terrible.

Badly written books are published all the time, but how many of them end up getting this kind of publicity?

We really need to get more well-written, actual quality books to get the spotlight for a change, ones that are worthy of the hype. There are plenty out there by authors who have actually worked hard to get their work published and deserve recognition.

This has been a rant on something that has been bothering me for a while. Carry on.
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