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Pretty Little Liars: "Kingdom of the Blind" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.03 "Kingdom of the Blind"

After discovering that Jenna can actually see, the girls devise a plan to get more information on what else she could possibly be hiding. Upon learning that she has an appointment to meet with someone, they follow her and confront her face-to-face. She confesses about Emily being in her car, but also alludes to being threatened by someone, and makes the girls promise not to tell anyone else that she can see. But is she telling the truth, is playing another one of her games by guilt-tripping the girls? Meanwhile, Emily is worried about her grade being changed and frustrated by everyone feeling sorry for her and making excuses to let her off the hook because of that. Hanna continues to visit Mona, who is now coherent and speaking thanks to new medication. Spencer learns unfortunate news about what is really going on with her sister, and how her mother might be covering for her by becoming Garrett's attorney.

This episode really piled on certain things, revealing certain truths, exposing who has been faking something.

What Is Up With Melissa Hastings?

Melissa faking her pregnancy was something I had suspected for a while, but obviously there's more to the story. She's always been shady, and I certainly believe that she would blackmail or coerce her own mother into doing something. While I do think perhaps Veronica Hastings is being unfairly dishonest with her daughter, I truly believe that she is thinking about her safety. much like the rest of the girls when they have to lie to everyone they care about just to protect them. Plus, didn't Spencer's parents believe that Melissa could have killed Alison? So yeah, there's more going on than what Spencer knows, and I'm hoping this season will uncover more of that. Melissa is an incredible liar and very delusional, and I truly want to know what her deal is and what she's been hiding, and why.

Oh, and Melissa was totally the black swan at the dance. Like, who else could it have been?

Although I do wish Spencer would just get out of that house. It's practically toxic there. Just go live with your boyfriend, bb.

Madhouse Mona: The Deal with Mona Vanderwaal

My curiosity of Mona continues to grow, since she's obviously planning something.

There seems to be subtle clues of what that might be. Aside from her dropping hints about knowing what has been happening, in these last couple of episodes we see her sneaking off with some keepsakes. The suspicion that she kept Hanna's visitor pass and her tweezers, and in this episode she purposefully kept the Queen card, which someone pointed out is symbolism. What could these things mean? Is she planning an escape, or collecting things to deliver some sort of message? And if so, to whom? The girls? I am interesting in seeing where this leads to.

She's definitely faking everything though, given her coherent statements and understanding perfectly about what is going on, before flipping the switch. Safer being locked away in a mental hospital than rotting in a prison cell. Doesn't mean she isn't mentally unstable though, considering everything that she's done and continues to do.

I love the parallels and metaphors the show makes, as well. Mona faking being crazy, much like Jenna faking being blind and Melissa faking a pregnancy. All to avoid certain confrontations, and also to allow people to be more vulnerable around them, easier to target, to scheme, to manipulation when they think there's something physically or mentally wrong with you. Stepping on eggshells, ready to slip up at any given moment. It's the perfect escape route, the perfect place to hide and survey your surroundings without getting caught.

Other things I liked in the episode:

++ Hanna being amazing and awesome in this episode. Not that she isn't always, but she had stellar lines and badass moments, particularly the ending with her just not giving a fuck if Jenna knows that they know she can see or not. And you have no idea how many moments when I wished they could have taken such brash actions like that in just revealing certain things or confronting someone on that level. I love that Emily just deadpanned on allowing her to do it, too. Like, she's sick and tired of dancing around this bullshit and, since she has the memories coming back about being in Jenna's car, it involves her too.

++ Lucas being mysterious. I know I should be more concerned and perhaps sad that this is what happened to Lucas, since I have loved Lucas and his friendship with Hanna and Caleb, which is now dwindling away due to his behavior of late. But I can't help but be intrigued by what is going on with him.

++ Emily rejecting being treated like a fragile piece of glass. She doesn't want people to feel sorry for her, she doesn't want special treatment. I love how she has become frustrated by all of this, too. She is standing up for herself and I am proud of her.

++ The scenes in the Hastings household were very well done, you could feel the tension between Spencer and her mother and Spencer and her sister.

++ "Melissa wouldn't even tell me if my hair was on fire!" <--- this is sad, but true. It reminds me of what happened last season when Spencer was trying to recount a time when Melissa stood up for her when someone was bullying her in school, but Melissa didn't remember it, and insensitively dismissed it. I wholeheartedly believe that Melissa doesn't care about Spencer at all, and tries to make everything about her. Which would explain a lot of things. Still, it's pretty sad because all Spencer has tried to do is connect with her sister, and yet Melissa keeps rejecting her and telling her she's delusional. ;__;

++ Jenna is really pretty without those sunglasses on.

++ I can't believe I'm saying this, but....I actually tolerated Ezra in this episode. He's still a dumbass of course, but he wasn't as annoying as he usually is, and I think it was mostly due to him doing something that didn't involve Aria for once. It's still rather irresponsible that both he and Ella have played favoritism and covering it up by feeling sorry for Emily, and I don't like the way he keeps trying to suck up everything to get Ella to forget that he is dating her underage daughter.

++ Mona singing at the end of the episode. Gurlfran has some nice vocals, damn. *__*

Things I didn't like:

++ I love you Caleb and I get that you're worried, but you need to take a step back and realize that Hanna is just trying to understand what happened to her friend. I don't want you two to break up over something like this. Please.

Overall: I really loved this episode. I love that we've progressed a lot after just three episodes, with still a lot of questions and mysteries to unravel, but we have the girls confronting Jenna about being able to see, something is seriously wrong with Melissa and whatever she's hiding, Mona may be unstable but not at all nuthouse crazy and is totally planning something, and Lucas is being shady on the side. And this new A is stepping up their playing field, I can't wait to see what else is in store and what else is to be revealed.

This is a bit old, but I discovered excerpts from Alison DiLaurentis' diary that was officially released on the website a while back.

It follows the books, not the show, so the character descriptions of the girls are a little different. But I thought it was interesting and gives more insight to the character, and there's clues and hints as to what her secret and mystery is. It's sad nothing else had been posted on the website since, because I like seeing these kinds of little hidden Easter eggs.
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