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Amnesia, anyone?

Does anyone else like learning the storylines and background of video games rather than playing them?

I'm not much of a gamer, however I've been intrigued by Amnesia: The Dark Descent ever since I saw those hilarious compilation videos of people's reactions and being told it's one of the scariest video games to play, so I wanted to see complete walkthroughs of it. After seeing how one gets through each level and the unraveling of the story, I find myself more fascinated by everything surrounding it. So I've been delving into some others with similar kinds of atmosphere and stories, and mostly through this guy right here and his walkthrough commentaries (which are hilarious and entertaining and actually giving a non-gamer like myself some interesting tidbits and interest in such games.)

With that I have to say while I enjoyed Amnesia, I personally prefer Amnesia: Justine, simply for the fact that Justine's story is completely disturbing and more twisted. Like, the setup of the entire game is very Saw-like, and her fucked up background is so fascinating to me. Daniel's story was sad in the first one, but Justine is something else entirely.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is the new game that will be released a bit later this year. I can't wait, tbh.
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