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Comic-Con 2012

There will be a 10th anniversary Firefly panel at Comic-Con.

With everything else that will be going on, this will no doubt be the biggest event of the entire weekend. Joss and his crew are considered rockstars at this convention, adding in a Firefly panel on top of everything else, I won't be surprised if the room will be completely packed and overflowing with Browncoats and other Whedon fans alike. It makes me sad that I won't be attending, since if there's one thing I would kill for would be to see and meet this man, and the entire Firefly cast, in person. One day, though. One day this wish will come true.

I'm mostly just looking forward to seeing the outcome of this panel, tbh. You know shenanigans are gonna happen, as they always do.

Speaking of which, is anyone actually attending Comic-Con this year?

For anyone going to the Supernatural panel, which will have Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund, I really want someone to ask them intelligent questions. Like, actual legitimate thought-provoking questions that we need answers to, not to mention certain things that need to be properly addressed regarding the direction and writing on the show and the development of the characters. At other conventions the actors answer the best they can, but this is one of the rare moments when the writers/producers can actually answer such questions directly themselves. It's one of the reasons why I wish I was going because believe me, I have a shitload of questions that I really want to ask that only come up during online discussions and debates, but rarely, if ever, asked or taken seriously at fan conventions. So I find this to be a great opportunity to ask those important questions that we've hardly gotten a serious answer to before. Never mind that I really am interested to hear what Jeremy Carver has to say now that he's the new showrunner.
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