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Pretty Little Liars: "That Girl Is Poison" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.05 "That Girl Is Poison"

Jenna Marshall, suddenly walking around freely claiming she can finally see again after a recent "surgery", is inviting people to her birthday party. The girls are confused and rather suspicious of this, considering that her party will be on the same day that Garrett will be temporarily released to visit his mother in the hospital, who recently was just taken in a few nights before. Emily reconnects with Paige and finds something disturbing in relation to her mysterious blackout of that night, Aria tries to deal with Ezra and his money situation, Hanna is coping with losing Caleb by skipping school, while Spencer tries to see what Garrett is up to by visiting the hospital.

The Jenna Thing: Blind Girl No More

It's definitely odd that Jenna chose this particular moment to officially make it known that she can actually see without really telling the entire truth, aside from our four girls. There's something fishy, considering she invited practically everyone she thought of, including Ezra Fitz and Paige, two people who she never knew well nor ever conversed with and didn't have much reason to invite anyway. Same with Maya's cousin. Unless it was for the purpose of creating some real drama, which did happen somewhat but all was resolved by the end of the episode. Of course, the answer to why Jenna threw the party in the first place was never revealed. It seemed like if she wasn't just throwing a party just to throw a party, then she was definitely scheming for something. Considering she is roping Maya's cousin into her space, and we all know what happened in her last relationships....

Although she is certainly not to be trusted, I rather liked her saying that she would feel safer once she took control of her own life. I found that interesting.

Because if we're to assume that she's been telling the truth, that she did get her sight back from the first operation, then this is her taking back her life on her own terms. Which I find kind of empowering, even coming from an antagonist who is intentionally tormenting the girls. But I do wonder, because in the books Jenna actually becomes an ally of the girls instead of being against them. Not that I'm banking on the show actually going in that direction, seeing as how creepy they've made her and anything she does or says will automatically be made suspicious with possible ulterior motives, but it does make me wonder since she is trying to "befriend" the girls from before, could she be using that as leverage for whatever is happening behind the scenes of everything happening with this new "A"?

Garrett Reynolds: Is he hiding something or helping?

His actions as of late have been kind of secretive. He wouldn't tell Spencer the entire truth when asking for her help, and neglected to tell her about her mother being his new attorney, but he seems genuinely frightened. Of course he's in jail for the suspected murder of Alison, so he has every right to be scared. But there seems to be more than that.

He's not entirely innocent in all of this. But there is something else going on, and it all goes back to that night the NAT club was in Alison's room the night she died.

Could Garrett be leaving clues for Spencer to figure out the truth?

Other things I liked in the episode:

++ I'm liking that the show has taken steps to further the story. Having the girls discover and confront Jenna for not being blind, to having Jenna reveal to all that she can see again. It has all moved so quickly with this, I'm fearing that we'll have a drawback somewhere in the season because of it.

++ Emily was on fire last night. Like, her emotions with everything. Poor girl, dealing with all of this, but at the same time she's fiercer than ever. I love this new Emily.

++ The reveal with drugs being mixed in Emily's flask on that night was disturbing. Although I've been trying to look up that particular drug online, and I can't really find it. It's Milizopam from the show, however there are no real life drugs that are named that. The only one that sounds vaguely like it is Medazepam, which is actually a sedative, however not strong or effective as the drug the show is referring to. Either way, Emily reads off the description of the drug as it is usually "prescribed for sleep disorders, also used to subdue aggressive patients and inmates"

Obviously who else would have something like that but someone at Radley. And not just with Mona, but if the show is definitely going into the twin route I am betting this is that very same drug. I can't wait to find out more about this and what else she will be able to remember.


++ lol @ Spencer using the baby squirrel analogy to describe Ezra. That was probably one of the funniest moments of the whole episode. That and, well, Hanna being Hanna, naturally. ;p

Things I didn't like:

++ Lucas. Oh, Lucas. What have you gotten yourself into? ;__; Something happened to him over the summer, and we're definitely gonna find out what it is. Do I think he's involved with the "A" team? It's possible. Do I think he's intentionally being malicious? No, I don't. But he's certainly in a dark place right now and I kinda wanna figure that out, since we keep going back and forth whether he is or isn't. I want a definitive answer and soon.

++ Since when did it become acceptable to see a former teacher going out with Aria now? Like, when did that become a thing? I don't know, but it bothers me that just because Ella was more tolerant of learning to accept their relationship that it meant everyone was starting to accept it, esp former students of his and possibly being recognized at the party. Esp by Jenna. Idk, it bothers me. :S

++ I hope Nate doesn't get involved with Jenna. No dude, just no. She's bad news, bro.

++ While I am happy to see that Paige has grown as a character from the last time we saw her (meaning, the last time that she and Emily had temporarily dated), but I'm rather confused on why she would think that Emily would be intentionally avoiding her. Emily was kind of avoiding a lot of people during the time after Maya's death, and dealing with a lot of things after the fact. Never mind that why should she end up getting jealous over Nate? Emily is gay, so, that doesn't really compute. Or maybe that's the point. That such jealousy was meant to be irrational because Paige wants to get back to starting fresh with Emily but Emily is still kind of in the past and not really making the effort (with good reason though, with everything going on, etc.) But still, idk.

Overall: I really liked this episode. It didn't have Mona, or Jason, or other characters I was hoping to see, but it was a well-paced episode with a lot going on. I can't wait to see what comes next in unraveling the mystery. The only thing I'm hoping for is more Alison flashbacks. I'm kind of missing those, tbh.
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