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SDCC: Firefly 10th Anniversary Reunion

Perhaps one of the most anticipated panels of the entire event. Although not everyone from the cast could make it to the reunion event, what we got was an amazing hour of sharing hilarious stories, reminiscing, and just loving and appreciating all the love and support and passion everyone has over the series. There are heartfelt emotional moments during this panel, most notably at the very end when Joss Whedon delivers a heartwarming and moving speech in response to a question talking about what the fans of Firefly mean to him. He was rendered speechless, there were tears, a standing ovation, and just pure emotion coming from the heart. If you're a Browncoat, this is certainly worth watching. Just be sure to grab some tissues, you will be sniffling.

Following directly after the panel they had a press conference: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Firefly Reunion EW Interview with everyone (sans Joss)

Also, for anyone who didn't know, the Science Channel is doing a special arrangement later this year where they will be marathoning Firefly along with showing a special presentation, which was filmed during SDCC (privately, and showing clips from their panel) which will be reliving the series through everyone and discussing what the show meant to them, and how beloved this cult series has become and is still going strong after ten years. So, stay tuned for that!

Overall, this has been said before, but I don't think there's a cast out there who loves a series more than how the Firefly cast loves Firefly. I don't think there's a writer/creator out there who is just as passionate and dedicated to their work as Joss Whedon is about Firefly. It is evident from this reunion, it is evident throughout the years and it will continue to be like this because, we're still flying. ♥
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