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Pretty Little Liars: "The Remains of 'A'" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.06 "The Remains of 'A'"

Determined to find out who April Rose is, Spencer spends the majority of the episode trying to find out information on who this person could be and how they are related to everything that is going on, to which she gets help from Jason expecting to find evidence that proves Garrett is still guilty. She and Hanna planted a fake note where they found the previous one hoping to found out who this new A could possibly be. Aria discovers something secretively about Ezra that might mean more than he's letting on, and Emily remembers more about that night, which might have something to do with Holden.

Secrets and Lies: The Liars Digging Themselves In Deeper

Mainly, the entire episode was demonstrating how assumptions, misleading information and red-herrings will ultimately get you into more trouble than you bargained for.

The girls believed that Garrett was communicating with this new "A" and they devised a plan on confronting this person with the fake note they wrote, while Spencer used the original note to find out answers to what Garrett was referring to. Everything led back to proving Garrett's innocence, something the girls didn't expect, considering that it was Detective Walden that Garrett was communing with in order to gain solid evidence into the case revealing that he is, indeed, not guilty of the charges against him. The girls overstepped in their assumptions, leading them right back to square one. It also raises more questions for Walden, who is eying Hanna and the others suspiciously about their actions.

While it may be true that Garrett might not have been guilty of directly killing Alison, he was definitely part of that night and part of tormenting and setting up the girls previously. Unless the girls show the video where Garrett was part of that night when Alison disappeared, they have nothing to hold against him. And if he's gonna be set free, what will happen now? Will he be reunited with Jenna? Will he try to do something dangerous against her, or the girls?

What's worse is how the girls have to continue lying to everyone around them. Lying to protect each other and the other people in their lives, but we know what happens when the lying becomes too much.

Mysterious Case of Emily Fields

It is in my opinion that Emily met with several people during her blackout before being propped into the graveyard with the shovel.

That being said, I don't think Holden had anything to do with it. I think he was an innocent bystander, saw her on the streets, obviously drunk and out of it, and offered to help her out. How that all went down and how she escaped his sight from that, I have no idea. Perhaps he tried sobering her up (although coffee doesn't help anything at all with that) and decided to escort her back home, but, like with Jenna's story, if we believe she is telling the truth, Emily bolted. But obviously she and the girls are going to be suspicious of him, particularly since he mentioned Emily's "friend", which makes me wonder who he's referring to. Maya? Jenna? I'm just hoping she confronts him because I really want to know what is going on as these fragment pieces of her memory and slowly being put together.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Major props to Troian Bellisario, who brought such amazing quality to this episode. Her performance at the very end was so heartwrenching, so raw and emotional and you could just hear her heart breaking, her world shattering and crumbling around her. Her eyes when she realized that she indirectly freed Garrett from facing charges, when she just emotionally broke down in her room, screaming into her pillow. The final blow to everything, and Troian just conveyed all of that emotion so beautifully. You could see Spencer just realizing that, it's not over. It probably will never be over. The torment will continue on, there will be no closure, even after everything they've all gone through they are right back at square one.

I honestly believe that this is one of the best performances of the entire show, by far. One of the most realistic ones, too. I mean, after everything the girls have been through, I was wondering when a real breakdown like this would happen. Spencer, spending so much time figuring things out, keeping everything in, finally broke that dam and released all of that repressed emotion. Never mind that "A" actually tormented her with that information after finding it out, just adding more salt to that freshly cut wound. The poor dear, I want to reach through the screen and hug her, and tell her everything will be alright. ;__;

Seriously though. All the awards, Troian Bellisario.

++ I really love the scenes with Jason and Spencer. I love how they interact with each other, and how Spencer is not afraid of revealing certain things, like admitting to knowing about the NAT club. I like that they've formed this kind of strange yet endearing sibling relationship now that they realize they are half-siblings, and they are only trying to get to the truth of what has happened. Also, knowing that they come from a very fucked up, dysfunctional family, they are able to confide in each other the same frustrations and mental exhaustion of what has been happening.

++ lol @ the show for alluding about Ezra and the bag of money, esp with the way he suspiciously looked back at the drawer. This fuels a lot of the theories that Ezra is involved with this new "A" -- while I would like that to be true, obviously, I kind of figure it's something entirely different, and one of the things that will make you go, whaaa? at.

++ Awwww, Ashley Marin being nervous about possibly getting involved with a pastor. I like how Hanna seemed grossed out by the prospect about her mom being interested in one of the guys from the church, but then realizing that she really liked him encouraged her mom to go after him. Unfortunately with Wilden there, Ashley couldn't proceed as she would have liked. :( I want her to, though. I think she deserves a little happiness in her life.

++ Also, really clever about the episode title. Not sure how intentional it was, but I just find that a little amusing and interesting that they named it that.

Things I didn't like:

++ Um, Wilden? He's a huge creepozoid, and definitely has some massive grudge against Hanna and her mom. I don't even understand his motive anymore with being involved with the case or harassing them whenever he gets the chance.

++ No Mona or Lucas. :( Next week, though.

Overall: I really liked this episode, but it kept me on high tension because once realizing that the girls were wrong in their assumptions it makes me feel horrible for them. They thought they were right about this, but just like in the past they've assumed before and got things horribly wrong. This time, no matter how it turned out, Garrett would have been released. Perhaps they could have not have written a fake note, or Spencer couldn't have gone to that strange store to retrieve the anklet and turned it into the police, but even with that Garrett's case was falling apart regardless. The anklet just made it go by faster. So it really was a no-win situation. It makes you, as an audience member, feel frustrated on behalf of these girls who have been tormented for so long, that they need some kind of closure for at least something.
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