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Let's talk television.

++ New show alert: Longmire. Originally started watching because of Katee Sackhoff, but the show itself is pretty damn amazing. The story gripped me right from the pilot, from the story of Walt Longmire having to piece his life back together after a year of dealing with his wife suddenly passing away, and the little things that you see him struggle with while trying to prove that he's still fit for being sheriff. I just really like the style, the look of the show, the characters and just the overall feel of the story being told. And Katee's character, Vic, is just plain awesome.

++ I've decided to watch Elementary. My previous concerns on how the show will be handled in the long-run are still valid, but with all the unnecessary drama and wanking (read: racism and sexism) happening amongst the people in fandom and online in general, I've just had enough. Never mind reading what has been said from the creators at SDCC and of what people have said after viewing the pilot from the event, I've been more than reassured of the show in general, and I'm hoping CBS doesn't screw this up. Also, Lucy Liu. ♥ ♥ ♥

++ Warehouse 13 season four premieres this Monday. It honestly snuck up on me. Of course, I'm used to my summer shows premiering around the same time and for some reason Syfy has done something weird with their scheduling. Eureka just finished off with their series finale, WH13 is premiering very soon, and Haven won't be premiering it's third season until this fall. Idk whether this is good or bad, but this is Syfy. When has their sense of scheduling ever made sense?

++ Everyone apparently is getting into Teen Wolf. I haven't watched it (yet) but I can honestly say that I am living the experience vicariously through Tumblr, and somehow I've gotten attached to certain characters. Like, I haven't even watched the show yet and there's these sudden feelings for them. What the hell is going on? :O

++ I love Pretty Little Liars, but the fandom makes me want headdesk so hard. Mostly the people I've seen on Tumblr. Just, seriously. -__-
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