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Pretty Little Liars: "Crazy" Episode Guide

Pretty Little Liars 3.07 "Crazy"

In light of the new evidence, Wilden is asking for blood tests of the girls. More specifically, from Hanna. After getting a scare from "A", she is freaking out about something that happened in the past with the DiLaurentis family that might arise again to frame her for Alison's murder. Hoping for answers on what is happening, Aria goes to see Mona at Radley to get information on whether or not she knows who is doing this, which leads to Mona giving hidden messages that only Hanna can decipher. Spencer winds up helping Jason out of a predicament that might get him into serious trouble. The girls meet Cece, an old friend of Alison's that they never knew about before, who seems to know things about them, and who eerily is very much like Alison in every single way.

Madhouse Mona: Crazy or Not?
Miss Aria, you're a killer
Not Ezra's wife
Where were we?
Maya's away, sleeping sweet
Until Garrett's all rosy
Count on me
No one to save Ali from evil
This creepy poem was repeated over and over by Mona in the hospital, which as we learned is code game she made up with Hanna years ago, and only she could have been able to know and understand what this code meant when she and Aria visited her. Take the first letter of each word and it will give you a message:
Miss Aria, You're A Killer, Not Ezra's Wife


Where Were We? Maya's Away Sleeping Sweet, Until Garrett's All Rosy Count On Me

W W W [.] M A S S U G A R [.] C O M

No One To Save Ali From Evil

This gives us and the girls something to go on, that Maya knew something that might have linked everything together to Alison's murder, and who could possibly be tormenting them now. There were subtle clues earlier about Maya possibly knowing something and hiding it, and that is probably how she got killed by knowing something or having just discovered something that could have her knowing too much. Somehow, Mona wanted the girls to know this information, leading them all to Maya's website. But is she really helping them, or is this another trap?

Moreover, is Mona truly really crazy as she claims to be? While she's definitely mentally unhinged considering everything she had done, she does seem to be very much coherent and aware of things happening, and she's certainly in contact with this new "A", so it really does make you question her motives on whether or not she is working with or against this new antagonist. Perhaps she does care about Hanna enough to warn her, or make her prepared for what is to come next. I firmly believe that Mona still does love Hanna despite everything that has happened between them. So if it's not for the rest of the girls, then definitely for Hanna.

Also, what is up with the Radley staff? Shouldn't mental hospitals be more secured? Shouldn't there be more security, cameras, anything?

Things I liked in the episode:

++ I love the relationship between Aria and her mom. I love seeing their mother-daughter bond grow stronger, and I love how supportive they are with each other. Their scenes in this episode made me smile.

++ In addition to that, I love the relationship between Spencer and Jason. I've said this before that they act like siblings now with helping each other out, and I think it's nice that they're communicating on this level. Of course now Spencer is helping in preventing him from getting in trouble, thus putting herself more in danger, esp from someone like Wilden who seems to want to destroy their lives just as much as this new "A", but regardless I love that she goes out of her way of doing so. Also I, um, I kinda ship them a bit? They just have really, really good chemistry. ;)

++ Cece is like Alison reincarnated, it's like she got all of that from Alison or Alison got all of that from her. Either way they are freakishly alike, particularly in the manipulating, bitchy manner. Looks like the girls are gonna have to deal with this new "Alison"-alike in town, and what her goal is. But, in my opinion, I like her.

++ I did like her taking care of the whole Nate and Jenna thing. Thank god.

++ Aria going to see Mona. Seeing Aria just not giving a shit in basically telling Mona like it is. She was there in defense of Hanna, protecting her best friend because if Mona is behind all of this, or knows who is, then she's gonna get some answers. See, this is what I adore most about Aria, and all the rest of the girls. Their friendship is so strong, that they will do whatever it takes to protect each other.

++ MONA. ♥

++ That flashback scene with the Ouija board was freaky yet awesome at the same time, I loved it.

Things I didn't like:

++ Nate. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but now I'm not entirely sure what is going on with him. First he is completely devastated about his cousin's death and is trying to connect with her girlfriend for some peace of mind, but then he's getting all into Jenna and basically said to Emily that the only reason he is going with Jenna was because the hottest girl in Rosewood (being Emily) wasn't available because she wasn't into guys? What the fucking fuck? Dude, you are stepping way over the line with that. It's that typical Nice GuyTM thing going on with him and I don't like it, at all. Never mind that he seems really shady with what is going on, since he seems to know more about certain things than he lets on. I mean, I think we need to question whether or not this guy actually is Maya's cousin. I'm getting the feeling he's not, or if he is he's hiding something.....

Either way, stay away from Emily, you skeevy bastard.

(I think the first rule of Rosewood should be: don't trust any guy unless he proves he's not a creep.)

Overall: I really enjoyed this episode. I do wish they would get back into certain things that they revealed in the previous episodes, like with the sleeping pills found in Lucas' bag and Emily remembering certain things. But nevertheless, this episode had moments of creepy. Any time there's anything involving dolls on this show, you will be guaranteed to be creeped the hell out, omg.
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