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Pretty Little Liars: "Stolen Kisses" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.08 "Stolen Kisses"

In desperate need to find out what's on Maya's website, Spencer gets help from Caleb to crack the password. Hanna gets word that Mona is scheduled to be transferred to another psychiatric ward in New York, and she tries to convince the physician board to keep her in Rosewood. Emily learns a little bit more about her missing night, while Aria gets a startling revelation about Ezra's family, and a not-so-kind conversation with his mother who attempts on keeping her at bay.

MAYA KNEW: Maya St. Germaine's Website

I have some suspicions about what might be hidden on her site.

As Spencer said, the website is more of a "junk drawer"; it looks disorganized and probably only Maya knew where certain things were and what the files underneath files contained. Most of them appear to be video diaries and pictures. The last video we saw before they were attempting to call Maya was her looking scared or nervous, talking about herself being a coward and having to face up to it, before seeing some lights (police lights? perhaps Garrett's car?) and started to put the camera down, but not off. There might be some video evidence about what could have happened to her that night, or some other evidence she might have caught that could have shown who was tormenting/threatening the girls. Garrett? Jenna? Melissa? Who knows, but she knew something, which was dangerous enough to get her killed.

I also think the truth about Nate might also be on that website, too. After tonight's episode with his "I don't want you to be afraid of me" comment, it's impossible to think otherwise.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Spencer and Caleb friendship. I love it when characters start hanging out with other characters, and when new friendships happen because of it. I really like this brotp between them, to be honest.

++ I like that Caleb still loves and cares for Hanna and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her. Even though technically they broke up, he still wants to keep her safe. It's what I think is happening with Toby as well. He loves Spencer, but doesn't understand why she won't talk to him about whatever is going on and is attempting to find other ways of finding out. I think that's what's happening with the boys that, while the girls are dealing with their own secrets, they have something else going on too. Which is to try and find a way of understanding what is happening to them and help protect them. I kinda want to see Toby and Caleb teaming up to do that. That would be awesome.

++ I wasn't much of a Paige fan from the beginning, but, she's kind of grown on me? And here we understand why she was acting weird and immature earlier with Emily, which makes more sense when you place it into perspective. At least I want Emily to be with someone so Nate can leave her the fuck alone.

++ Ezra's mother. I know, it's a weird thing to like about the episode because she was a character we were meant to hate by the end of everything. But I can't help but love the way she presented herself onto the screen. Reeking of wealthy privilege, sticking her nose where it doesn't belong and having a "nice" conversation with Aria by spilling all the dirty laundry about Aria's family and her past, and having the daring audacity to ask if she offended Aria, knowing damn well that she did and that was her entire intention on making her feel like she didn't belong and wasn't good enough for Ezra because of his family ties. It's that subtle mean girl trap in a high society world, that you can dish out the dirty details on someone without batting an eye. She was vicious, and didn't seem to care whether she hurt Aria or not. It was very Alison DiLaurentis. Seemingly being nice while intentionally being mean, making a point and not seeing anything wrong with it. I don't know, I shouldn't like her and I don't but at the same time, it was sort of awesome just seeing how that whole thing went down.

++ Seeing Maya again, even through a website. I missed her. :(

Things I didn't like:

++ Wren. Ew. Go away. -__- I really didn't like that Hanna kissed him, but I can just chalk it up as in the moment of excitement after everything happening with the Mona situation? But it seems that whatever that was, didn't last very long because in the next episode we see the possibility of Hanna and Caleb getting back together so I'm not that worried. She loves Caleb still, and he loves her, so they just need to get over this obstacle before healing. Wren can just go....disappear forever for all I care.

++ Eh, I'm not really thrilled by the whole Ezra secret about his family being super duper wealthy. It's not really that huge nor is it something that I care about.

++ Nate. I think this episode completely solidified my dislike and distrust for him. His comments were way too obvious that something is up with him, and I just hope we find out what his true motive is, because I can't handle his creeper vibe any longer.

Overall: The episode was generally okay. Not as exciting as the previous episodes have been, but there were nice moments and we did learn a few things. Maya getting into the police car with Garrett the night she died, Maya's website filled with videos that could definitely prove something about what happened to her, and from the ending scene we know that this new "A" has money. Lots of money. And has a sweet tooth. This is a common thread seen at the end of almost all the episodes. Unlike during the last two seasons where the endings had a lot of creative things with "A" planting or dealing with using coy messages for the girls, and for the viewers, we're seeing that "A" is planning something and is definitely not lacking in money. So that's something to think about.
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