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WH13: "Personal Effects" Episode Review

Warehouse 13 4.03 "Personal Effects"

And, shit is getting real.

Apparently that's going to be the season tagline, it's very fitting and appropriate for what is happening.

We're seeing the side effects from the metronome. Whenever Steve gets hurt, Claudia gets hurt. It's not noticeable on her, like when Steve gets a cut she doesn't get one, but the pain is still there nonetheless. This is, of course, the side effect from her being the person who connected with him to bring him back, and this could potentially be dangerous. What happens if he gets seriously injured? Or close to death? Now, from the way the metronome works is that unless it stops swinging the person who was brought back will forever be bound to it and kept alive, even if they end up getting severely hurt on the brink of death. Marcus fell out of a several story building but lived because the artifact was keeping him alive. But what would happen if that happened to Steve? He would survive, but what about Claudia?

Steve is the only one who has figured it out at the moment, so it makes me apprehensive on what will happen next. Does he keep it to himself? Will he try to find a way of breaking the bond that has Claudia connected to himself and the metronome?

Between this and Artie's secret gradually eating away at him, this season is most definitely going to be taken the "shit gets real" on a whole new level.

I also like that the episode explored more into using artifacts for personal use, and how it can effect everything around you, including yourself, and you won't know what happened until it's too late. It's the theme of the season. And I can't wait to see how it all unravels.
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