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Pretty Little Liars: "The Kahn Game" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.09 "The Kahn Game"

In hopes of getting her application into the university of her choice for early admissions, Spencer gets some help from Cece who went to the same college. Cece, Spencer and Aria go to a party where they are supposedly going to meet someone for Spencer to give her application to, but Spencer and Aria realize that this party is the same one that Maya had gone to, the one where she had the stamp on her wrist, the same one that Emily saw during the night she can't remember. Interestingly enough, Noel Kahn and Jenna Marshall appear at the party, and they all play a game of truth to get some answers. Meanwhile Hanna and Caleb reconcile once Caleb figures out that there is another "A" out there, Aria finds something else about Ezra's past, and Emily finally looks at Maya's website.

Truth or Truth: The Kahn Game Party

It's not really surprising with the shady business with the Kahn brothers, and it wasn't shocking that Jenna and Noel are suddenly chumming around again. Perhaps they have been for some time, and her trying to rope in Nate was adding to the list of potential A team members? I don't know. But having the girls there encounter them and play the truth game was interesting. But it really raises some important questions on some of the things they knew. Obviously they are shady people and part of the A team, but it really makes you wonder their motive now, aside from just tormenting them. The showdown between Jenna and Spencer was magnificent, though.

As for Cece, she is quite a mystery.

She has Alison qualities to her, and I have a feeling that her giving Spencer's application to the supposed guy from the university might have had some extra, um, oomph to get her accepted. Or perhaps she did it herself, I don't know. But it'll be interesting to see more of what's up with her unravel. I get the feeling there's more to her than meets the eye.

Things I liked in the episode:

++ The scenes between Spencer and Aria. They were so cute in this episode, their interactions were perhaps the best part of the whole thing tbh. ♥ TEAM SPARIA.

++ HANNA AND CALEB BACK TOGETHER YESSSSSSS. ♥ I love that Caleb knew something was up, and after clearing his head realized that he needed to get to the bottom of it. He loves Hanna and will do anything to protect her, and knowing that there was something that she couldn't tell him was enough to drive him to take action is simply amazing. I do agree with Hanna though, this is gonna open up a can of worms now that Caleb knows and is involved, but I also agree with Caleb that she shouldn't be alone with this. None of the girls should be alone in this, even with each other they are being suffocated with all these secrets and lying to everyone else around them. This makes me wonder if Toby is gonna do the same thing that Caleb did, figure things out himself. I hope so.

++ Cece. I just really like Cece, okay.

++ I'm actually wondering what is going on with the blood test thing. We know that Hanna could never hurt Alison, obviously, but how would that be her blood? Because of what happened with Alison's father? Which was very innocent, if a misguided notion from a young girl who thought her best friend was still alive but an honest mistake? I don't know, it seems like they're kind of pushing the blood test thing a little too much. But I like that Ashley is doing everything in her power to protect her daughter, even though knowing that Hanna had nothing to do with it.

Things I didn't like:

++ I'm not keen on Ezra's family background. It's not just because I don't like his character, but it's more of an information dump. I realize that he has been distant and disowned by his family and wants nothing to do with them, but you'd think there would have been some details leading up to this, even if just some kind of mysterious offhanded comment or something. I don't know, as much as the whole "incredibly wealthy and powerful family has influence and money to deal with things" may make for a good storyline, here it feels kind of contrived if only to add more drama between Aria and Ezra.

Overall: This episode was better than the last one. Nothing much was revealed, but it had good character interactions and scenes, I liked the confrontation between Spencer and Aria with Noel and Jenna most of all, because it was kind of getting to ask things they've been wanting answers for so long by both sides. It makes me anticipate what will happen next when they all meet up again, esp the girls and Jenna. We only have a few more episodes until the mid-season finale (I think?) which supposedly someone is gonna get hurt, and someone is reportedly gonna die. :O
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