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Observations and Theories: Veronica Mars, Ep. 1.21 Cont'd

Adding a few more observations that I had just realized I had forgotten before.

I. Logan Echolls respects women, therefore the revealed hidden-video cabinet isn't his doing. Having read the speculations on the TWoP boards when this episode first aired, the judgmental theories of Logan being the obligatory psychotic jackass we were introduced to was to be expected. However, while looking back at some of the episodes which I shamelessly downloaded in order to view them frame-by-frame, you would notice the patterns with Logan's attitude towards certain women in his life. He was protective of Lilly even after her death, we see him defend and protect his mother and it's implied that Lynn Echolls and Logan had a nice mother-son connection and bond between one another, indicating his devastation and obsession in believing she was alive. He was even protective of Trina though he doesn't necessarily like her (i.e. wanting payback on her abusive boyfriend, etc.) And then there's the Veronica matter. In the beginning many would suggest Logan was belitting Veronica and he was -- because they were enemies. In the beginning, however, when Lilly was alive they were friends. It was after her death when separation drove them to hate each other. But soon, Logan began to trust Veronica, and vice versa. In "Weapons of Class Destruction" he immediately jumped into action when learning that Veronica could've been in danger. So, why is all this evidence important? Because Logan would never do anything discriminating or degrading against women; he would do nothing to intentionally harm or hurt the women that he loves and cares about. Thus, the secret videotaping isn't his doing -- it sounds more along the lines of...*ahem*...Aaron Echolls' forte of kinky sexual relations.

II. Wallace is the perfect best friend for Veronica and vice versa, and is exactly the kind of shoulder she needs whenever she cannot deal with her chaotic life. Revealing all her secrets she's been reluctant to mention to anyone over the entire year to Wallace was, in my opinion, the absolutely smart thing to do. After visiting Duncan for answers, Veronica looked like she was about to have a mental breakdown, she was so emotionally distrot. It's been noted that she doesn't have too many people whom she can trust with everything that's been happening in her life -- thankfully, Wallace doesn't judge nor does he demand for explanations to whatever favors she asks of. Wallace is that trustworthy kind of friend that everybody needs. Everyone needs a Wallace Fennel in their lives. Luckily, Veronica has hers. They're cute as total BFFs.

III. Where in the hell was Mac? That's actually sort of my question that's been bugging me. Mac is another potential girlfriend that Veronica could spend most of her time with, because she, like Wallace, doesn't ask much of what Veronica is asking her to do in terms of favors. I wanted some more Mac interaction and screentime, especially in this episode. I'm only hoping that in the second season we'll see more of her, because she was so cool.
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