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Doo-Da-da-Dee, A Theatre Life For Me

I love my Theatre class. Wait, let me rephrase that: I absolutely and immensely love, adore, and cherish my Theatre class. Seriously, I never thought I'd find such an enjoyable session, concluding with my entirely fun and entertaining professor who just makes that one hour lecture fly by so quickly, that I am mentally prepared and wishing to stay longer to see what else comes out of his mouth. I swear, my professor could become a public speaker because his voice is booming with enthusiasm and keeps you in check, and is very articulate. But it's not just about the lectures and how he explains things, it's the things in between. He mentions things that gives us, as students, a little more detail about his life and what he's like outside the college campus (and he considers himself such a son-of-a-bitch because he laughs during killings in horror flicks if he finds it hilarious, but that's what makes him so out-there enjoyable and fun; and I shouldn't judge because I, too, laugh at inappropriate times as well.)

However, that's not why I find my professor so admirable. I admire and respect him because he's a gigantic fanboy fanatic, or at least it's implied when he's mentioning them in his lectures, of several of my most beloved fandoms. For example:
1. He's a fan of Harry Potter. Someone in the class had asked a question involving the transforming between books-into-movies versus plays-into-movies, and he had immense amount of respect for the Harry Potter books because he had stated that in the upcoming GOF film they will, of course, edit chucks of the things out that are unimportant to the main plot of the book. Whereas in certain plays (i.e. Shakespeare) you cannot edit most things out because there's so much that needs explanation that it would be like taking out the middle and just having an introduction and then a killing with no subplot of climax. Plus, he mentioned that the Harry Potter books outsold the Holy Bible worldwide, and I smiled when he said that.
2. Implied that he likes Veronica Mars. Last Friday he mentioned something about actors versus performers on a theater stage, and he'd said something about Rob Thomas and his show Veronica Mars (but he also mentioned several other shows too, but I have a feeling that he would've mentioned it if he didn't watch it.)
3. He's a total theatre geek even though you cannot tell. Sometimes there's those stereotypes about men that like theatre or being in the theatre? Well, he's not one of them. He likes watching South Park, The Simpsons, he highly recommends The 40-Year-Old Virgin because he laughed so damn hard, and likes the non-censorship in the classroom because he curses like a motherfucking sailor which makes me giggle. However, he prances about and brags of all the Greek and Shakespearean goodness he's been involved in, either behind the stage or onstage performing.
4. He LOVES Greek mythology. Seriously, this man mentions mythological Greek characters whenever describing Greek theatre and it's purely aweseome.
Yes. I have adoration and absolutely respect for my Theatre professor, and find him oddly someone I'd befriend if he wasn't necessarily a busy professor and theatre producer at our college production stage. He's just a laidback and entertaining sort of guy, that anyone would be enthralled to get into a discussion -- or debate -- with. Because he doesn't judge or take sides, he just has a lovely sense of humor that is lost on many people nowadays. I will be fawning over him over the semester, no doubt about it.

College, how I love thee so!
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