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WH13: "No Pain, No Gain" Episode Review

Warehouse 13 4.05 "No Pain, No Gain"

This was more of the less drama heavy and more fun kind of episodes. Bringing the hilarity while maintaining the continuity of what is happening plot-wise and character-wise.

Pete yearning for a family of his own someday was brought back into the picture. We knew from before that he would love to have a significant other that he could reveal all his secrets too, which almost happened in the second season but unfortunately didn't work out. Adding more emphasis to the fact that he would like to settle down and have a family, and yet he is bound by the Warehouse and it is more difficult to do so. I also love the show for demonstrating that a woman doesn't have to become a mother and settle down in order to live a life, and can be completely content with where she is now while still be happy for others at the same time. Myka was excited about her sister having a baby and her becoming an auntie, but she expresses that she has no desire of ever wanting to become pregnant. The role reversals; the man wanting to settle down someday while the woman doesn't really want that at the moment.

Plus, I loved the focusing on their friendship as well. Pete being adorably ridiculous with Myka, admitting that he truly cared about her and loved her as a friend, and Myka saving him. Just, everything about what this show does with showing that a man and a woman can just be friends with each other is amazingly well done. ♥

I'm also glad that they brought up Claudia's destiny again. I was wondering when they were to approach that inevitable topic, since it seems very significant to everything that is happening.

And her meeting with Mrs. Fredrick and having her show Claudia the ropes of being made aware of things around her and showing a glimpse at what a Warehouse caretaker is supposed to be like was so great. Also explaining how artifacts are created, and seeing how they are created. That was pretty freaking cool. The inner workings of the Warehouse is something I've been intrigued by. We knew of the "science" of artifacts and why they snag them, but the significance of how or why an artifact is created and how it can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, is pretty damn awesome.

I want more scenes like this with Claudia and Mrs. Fredrick. As intimidating as Mrs. Fredrick may be, I like it when she interacts with the rest of the team individually on this level.

I think I know what the Brotherhood is doing, at least starting off with right now: taking artifacts that meant something personal to Artie's past (his snag-bag-n-tag missions) just like how he initially "stolen" the theirs, sending a message that two can play that game until he surrenders in using it to undo time, and having Artie and his team go on a wild goose chase for these artifacts that he had already captured. Sort of like wasting their time, but in a more possibly deadly way. And who knows what else they are willing to do because again, they play by no rules. Should be interesting to see it unravel.

I also have a theory on that dagger: We saw the dagger in the premiere. One of the Brotherhood used it that accidentally triggered a lever that trapped Claudia in that small tunnel. So perhaps the dagger is something that is important to the other artifact, like they are linked somehow. And we know that visions can be red-herrings or misinterpreted, so perhaps Claudia isn't actually hurting Artie in his premonition but is using it to save him, or something along those lines? What if Artie has been going about this whole thing in the wrong way, due to his paranoia about the vision and what it might all mean?

Also, this is just a wild theory that has nothing to do with anything, but what if Claudia from the other timeline traveled back as well because the dagger has mystical qualities itself, and that is the darkness that has been set in motion? That somehow her presence is mucking everything up?

Idk, it's a cracky theory as I said. But the very thought of two Claudias is too much to resist. ;)
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