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Pretty Little Liars: "Single Fright Female" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.11 "Single Fright Female"

The girls get suspicious about Paige once learning that she had a nasty history with Alison, and with her brutal reactive nature that make them think that she is involved with this new "A". Of course Emily strongly disagrees, however Spencer and Hanna discover something that may prove that Emily is, indeed, in danger. Turns out the flash drive that was supposedly Ian's that got lost during the first season was miraculously found in the church, and Hanna is worried that her mother might turn it into the police, breaking their promise to Jenna which would start a chain reaction of getting her to get revenge on them, her in particular, once again. Aria goes to find Maggie in hopes for her relationship with Ezra to move forward.

Single Fright Female: Emily Fields, Paige and Nate

Okay, so it's quite obvious that Nate is the perpetrator in this situation for various reasons, while the spotlight on Paige is merely a red-herring.

But that doesn't mean that Paige doesn't have anything to hide.

We know the nasty history between Paige and Alison due to the flashbacks and Cece retelling what she remembers of the feud, but something tells me there's more to the story than just that. Alison teased and tormented anyone that she could if she wanted to, and had no qualms doing so. However, like Cece mentioned, she seemed rather scared or apprehensive around Paige. I felt like they focused on them having this constant back-and-forth feud with each other that grew more and more elaborate as time went on, but something else could have been going on underneath all of that on the surface. We may get the answers in the mid-season finale, because they are playing up the red-herring of Paige being involved with or is this new "A". Which I'll be honest, it is quite easily the most obvious misdirection ever. Paige may be impulsive borderline on outbursts, and it may seem like an interesting way to play it due to her long-time crush on Emily and the possibility of her killing the two girls Emily was in love with just to get to her....classic jealous-murder type of thing going on -- but in terms of the way this show plays things, it's all a misleading notion by pointing fingers but realizing that they were wrong.

The real danger here is Nate. His attitude, his behavior, just everything about his screams insane stalker lady killer from hell.

It's unfortunate that none of the girls have picked up on that. Of course, perhaps it's the statement of the different kinds of creepy guys that are out there. Noel Kahn is the very definition of the cookie-cutter creepy guy. But up until now Nate has been incredibly subtle. He never did anything to suggest otherwise, it was more of the vibe that dripped off of him, which is typical in creepy Nice GuyTM-borderline-crazed-stalker behavior. Now it's become more and more noticeable with the way he presents himself in certain situations and the girls, at least Emily and Hanna, are finally seeing that Nate is not exactly getting with the program and may just be a little unhinged. I'm hoping the truth is revealed in the finale because if it isn't I'm definitely cutting someone because, omigod can it be more obvious of his creepiness?

Rant: Aria Montgomery, Ezra Fitz, and Maggie

I found Aria quite insufferable in this episode for the simple reason that she got involved in something that was none of her damned business.

First of all, while I still am not remotely interested in their relationship, it was still frustrating seeing Aria try to dig into Ezra's past without his knowledge and furthermore, getting angry about him keeping his past in the past when she herself hasn't been entirely truthful about everything either. His past is his past, and she should have respected that. They talked about it, but she had to stick her nose where it didn't belong. She should have just let Ezra deal with this on his own, which surprise, he did by the end of the episode when he actually talked with Maggie. So really, she didn't have to do anything at all.

Also, why was she so surprised and upset when learning that Maggie has a son? She knew that Maggie was pregnant when she and Ezra were in high school and that was what had his mother drive her away and all, so why is she suddenly acting like this is a huge ~shocking~ thing or whatever? Like what, she expected her to have aborted the baby? Give it up for adoption? That she wasn't really pregnant at all? How is any of this her business at all whatsoever?

It just really bugs me that Aria can be so clueless and immature whenever the storyline with her and Ezra happens, because their entire relationship is rather immature and naive and a pain to watch because shit like this happens.


Things I liked in this episode:

++ Hanna practically saying what everyone has been thinking and feeling towards Nate. Her rolling her eyes when he approached her asking about Emily was brushing him off, and then exclaiming that Emily was gay and therefore not into guys, especially guys who are (supposedly) cousin's of her dead girlfriend.

++ Bringing back the flash drive. I was wondering where it went....

++ Jenna warning Emily. I know that Jenna may have ulterior motives for things and is not entirely innocent herself, but it's just nice to see that she's not entirely heartless and cruel and sneaky. She was obviously warning about Nate, and it makes me wonder what she did see and if so, was her entire thing with getting to know Nate just meant to get closer to uncover the truth about him?


++ I am loving Cece more and more. I just love seeing the flashbacks and finally seeing her and Alison together.

Things I didn't like:

++ Just the usual things: Ezra and Aria, Nate. Nothing else, really.

Overall: This was better than the previous episodes, I'm just waiting for the mid-season finale so we can resolve some of the unnecessary storylines and get on with the other parts of the mystery. Especially since learning what might be happening in the mid-season finale, I'm pretty excited.

In related news, ABC Family will be launching Pretty Dirty Secrets, a new webseries that will be start after the mid-season finale right up to the Halloween episode. It will feature characters Noel, Garrett, Cece, Lucas, Jason, along with a brand new character, and it will center around the creepy costume store that we previously saw in last season's Halloween prequel episode. This will be the second time where we see perspectives of other characters that aren't of the main Liar cast.
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