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Doctor Who Prequel: Pond Life Webseries

Pond Life is the new mini-adventure featuring the Doctor, Amy, Rory and some surprise familiar faces! It picks up the story of the Ponds and follows their lives in the way that only Doctor Who can, culminating in a cliff-hanger that leads us into Asylum of the Daleks. (source)
Here are the first four of the series:

Pond Life, Episode 1

Pond Life, Episode 2

Pond Life, Episode 3

Pond Life, Episode 4

The fifth and final episode of the webseries will be available tomorrow.

First off, these are just adorably hilarious, showing what kind of shenanigans the Doctor being involved in your life can lead to, including him randomly barging into your bedroom in an unexpected and yet unsurprising fashion, leaving rambling updates on your answering machine, and having an escaped Ood at your house. Nothing is ever dull in your life again once the Doctor has entered into your life, and only Amy and Rory can have those expressions on their faces when dealing with these wacky things, especially Rory, lol.

The Doctor Who seventh series premieres this Saturday, September 1st. Can't believe it's almost here!
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