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WH13: "Endless Wonder" Episode Review

Warehouse 13 "Endless Wonder"


Or at least she had a hunch of what was going on with Artie, putting two-and-two together with his strange behavior and the odd events that took place beforehand. I love that she knew something was up before anyone else did, and relayed her suspicions to Mrs. Fredrick. Plus, she's right, being an expert on time travel she could easily see the signs whereas the rest of the agents could not. I mean, Pete had gotten some strange vibes and everyone else knows that Artie has been keeping something from them, but H.G. is the only one that could possibly understand the circumstances of what that something might be. It just, it makes me so happy that she knew and how the show played it at the very end.

Plus, this means she's back. For however long I don't know, but I have missed her. ♥

Somehow I get the feeling that the evil that has been released is actually the brotherhood, more specifically the one who has been attacking Artie so viciously. He is the one breaking into the Warehouse and setting loose all the artifacts into the world, creating havoc and chaos.

One of the things that the show has been doing this season is focusing on that even those with good intentions will create something horrible. The Brotherhood believe that they are defeating evil and must do whatever it takes, but in turn they are creating more damage in order to restore that natural order they believe to be so sacred. My prediction is that the Brotherhood, with their persistent obsession with getting Artie to do what they ask of him or else, are the evil that has been unleashed, they just don't realize it because of their ways of thinking and what they do.

I'm also thinking that the vision Artie had about Claudia coming after him wasn't really Claudia, but is actually Brother Adrian disguised as Claudia via the thimble and attempting at using the knife (however retrieved) to kill him.

Aside from my predictions, this was such an amazing episode. :D :D :D
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