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Drop the Hose!

CSI season premiered tonight, and I've just got one word to sum it all up: DAMN!!

But even though it was part one of two, I'm still saying that this was the best one so far - and it's definitely left me hanging to know exactly who did the murders and if they'll ever catch them. But I do adore Grissom's beard, even if my sister doesn't seem to think it fits his character well. However, she did get to see her husband (Greg) tonight, so she'll be happy for a while.

Also tonight was the season premiere of Will and Grace, although while I planned to watch it in the other room while recording the episode, I got so hooked up on CSI that I'd decided that I'll watch it tomorrow morning before I go to school. Because I really, really, really want to see Will and Jack's reactions to what happened in the last season's finale. *squee* Jack is such a cutie!

Right now I am in the middle of writing a reaction essay about the Recall Debate that happened yesterday for American Government so I can get extra credit to add to my record. That's going to be fun, mainly because the debate was rather pointless of shouting at one another and one canidate dissing off another. However, I found it quite funny by how off topic they had gone.

I'm just waiting for all hell to break loose - because that's really going to be fucking funny!

I know, I have a strange, insane, sadistic little mind. *evil laugh*
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