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WH13: "The Ones You Love" Episode Review

Warehouse 13 4.09 "The Ones You Love"

Whoa. Whoa.

That twist was so unexpected, yet somehow it was so well-done that by looking back it just makes sense considering his behavior, going right to the ominous warning and everything. That Artie would create an evil that would follow him for the rest of his days, and it would literally be himself. If there's anything that using artifacts has shown us that despite thinking you're using them for good, you're only doing damage not to just others but to yourself. So by using the Astrolabe he saved everyone, but in turn he began to slowly lose his sanity. He began to hallucinate, losing control of himself and believed that he was seeing Brother Adrian when he wasn't seeing him at all. It was just himself going mad, and putting everyone he loves in harms way because of it.

It was such a harsh blow that I had to have time to recover after watching those last several minutes. I mean, who would have guessed this? We all have had our theories on what was going on, but I don't think anyone in the WH13 fandom ever considered it what was revealed in this episode.

Never mind the horrific event that he actually killed Leena.

I have no words for that. Like, I am honestly stunned that actually happened.

It really begs the important question on what the hell is gonna happen now?

I mean seriously, shit got serious real quick in this episode. This entire season has been a rollercoaster ride of wondering how in the world things are gonna be fixed, how things are gonna be handled, and now that we know the truth it really makes you question if any of these events can be reversed, and if so how without setting off another chain reaction like the Astrolabe did when Artie used it. Are they going to find a loophole? Is there a way? How is Artie going to face this? Is he going to return back to himself? Face the repercussions of his actions? How is this all going to end?

So many questions, so many things that I can't even comprehend on where they are going with this. And it's only mid-season, it really makes you wonder what the rest of the season is going to be like. How everything is gonna be affected because of this.

I just have to say, this is such a bold move for the show. Even bolder than blowing up the Warehouse, which this coincides with, in fact.

I am still in shock and awe of everything, tbh.
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