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Haven: "301" Episode Review

Haven 3.01 "301"

Loving the dramatic start, and it appears that this season is going to be exploring more into Audrey's past and her connection with the Colorado kid, who may presumably still be alive.

We have someone who knows something about Audrey, or rather when she was Lucy Ripley, and it may either be helpful with her discovering who or what she really is and uncovering the truth about events that have been going on, or potentially harmful and disastrous. The latter seems more like the style that is appropriate. Since there are those out there who want to destroy anyone who is Troubled so nothing can be spread and the cycle can cease, which is what we'll be focusing on with the rift now between Nathan and Duke, especially concerning their family pasts.

Which is kinda sad, because I want Nathan and Duke to not be at each other's throats for once. To actually be a team and work together. But, you know, there needs to be a testing of alliances and trust and I think this rift will provide that, and I'm hoping they will learn that they can trust each other and not become the people they don't want to become.

Moreover, Haven isn't all what it's cracked up to be, there's more history to that town connected with the Troubles and who Audrey is and why she continues to come back. This season may just get to the bottom of things, what these secrets are, and judging from the season preview she may get a glimpse as to who she was before. Uncovering memories from when she was Lucy and all the other people she used to be, which may be unraveling clues to who the Colorado kid is and why he's so important, and why this Hunter wants to know where he is.

Things are gonna be very, very interesting this season. And I am liking where it's headed so far.
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