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Doctor Who: "The Angels Take Manhattan" Episode Review

Doctor Who 7.05 "The Angels Take Manhattan"

I was right.

My prediction of the ending of the Ponds was right. The Peter Pan ending, the one where it's both happy and sad at the same time. That fits with the theme of their entire story, ever since the beginning to all the events leading up to now.

This was an incredible episode. It was well-written, very emotional and I love that Amy and Rory got to be together. They decided to go out together, and when Rory inevitably got sent back and lost in time it was Amy that made the decision to go back for him. Regardless of what happened, she wanted to be with her husband, because if he was going to be forever lost in time she wanted to be lost with him, even if it meant leaving the Doctor and her daughter behind. That entire scene with her saying her final farewell to River (mother and daughter moment ♥) and to the Doctor, her Raggedy Man, made me cry and cry and cry long after the episode ended. Even though we know that Amy and Rory lived happily ever after together elsewhere in time, they would never see their beloved Doctor again.

The afterword from the book by Amy was touching, it's nearly exactly my predictions of how their end would be. I practically broke down even more realizing that's how it all happened.

I have nothing else to add at the moment. I'm still kind of an emotional mess after this. I am happy it didn't end tragically, that it stayed true to their characters without something horrible happen. And it worked out as my theories suspected it would, so I am happy and surprised about that. But at the same time, it's all bittersweet and pretty damn sad considering everything.

Just. Farewell, Amy and Rory. I loved you both, you were the perfect married companions and best friends to the Doctor, and you will be deeply missed. ;___;

I'll probably have more to say. I'm just...still in an emotional state. There was a reason I wanted to put off watching the episode a little, I just wanted to bask with the Doctor and the Ponds happily together before the inevitable end. :(

But I have Once Upon A Time and Revenge tonight to cheer and sober me up.
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