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Mysteries, Schemes and Endless Wonders

Haven 3.02 "Stay"

What an interesting concept, having dogs turn into humans because of someone else's ability. I think for many animal lovers we've all contemplated at some point or another what it would be like if our pets turned into human beings, what they would be like, how they would act/react to things, etc. So this episode gave an...interesting look at what that would be like. In a more potentially dangerous sort of way, of course.

With everything else, I was most intrigued by what was found out about Audrey.

The Hunter isn't a person, but an event. A freak meteor shower which is supposedly the exact moments every reincarnation of Audrey seemed to just disappear from Haven. So the message in the Colorado kid's coffin about finding where he was before the Hunter wasn't about a person, but warning her in the next cycle about finding the Colorado kid before this meteor shower appeared again. And we learn that the next one will be happening within the next few months. It isn't a lot of time, and Audrey, having already been thrown through so many overwhelming situations with her own personal life, her job with helping the Troubled and dealing with her feelings for Nathan, this kind of news is definitely not something she can digest instantly.

Which is why I'm glad we were introduced to the psychiatrist. She deals with Troubled people, she knows what is happening in this town, and Audrey needs someone to talk to, someone to listen to her, to communicate with because if she doesn't she's going to have a mental breakdown from everything she's dealing with.

Besides, I want a friendship between them happening.

So, based off what I know of what is going to be happening this season, the main theme is going to be who can you trust? Things are going to be changing up, characters who we thought we trusted before will have deep, dark secrets, which will all be connected to the mystery surrounding Audrey, Haven and the Colorado kid and why all these events together are so important.

Warehouse 13 4.10 "We All Fall Down"

Well, this was such an emotionally draining season.

I mean, last season was more of an emotional rollarcoaster with the finale and all, but this was more dramatically overwhelming with everything that was going on. It was like watching everything slowly get to this point, and then we were hit with a huge anvil of a twist last week and having to see it all play out in the finale was just emotionally brutal. Seeing Artie with dual personalities, of seeing him getting taken over with this cruel version of himself and saying those things to everyone he cares about was horrible to watch. I think the worst was Pete, because he hit him right below the belt and that was beyond cruel. And Claudia, oh Claudia. Having so much faith in Artie and believing that they can help him and bring him back, it's perhaps the best shining light of the whole episode. Regardless of what the evil!Artie was saying to her, hitting her where it hurt (and every time she cries, I cry okay) she desperately was clinging to that hope that Artie, their Artie, her father-figure was still in there somewhere.

And then the premonition came true. She stabbed Artie. But not in the way we all believed it would happen.

She did it in order to save him, because the dagger had some kind of magical properties that she believed would help in this situation. Something that she believed would help Artie, and seeing her plunge the dagger into his chest, you know it was the most painful thing for her to do. She loves Artie. He is her father-figure and the one that took her in, the one that practically raised her to become who she is now, and seeing her face fall and seeing her cry into his arms. It was so heartbreaking. ;__; In a sense I kind of wanted to have seen more of their interaction this season. Hopefully next season, because after all of this I feel like there needs to be some kind of healing period for everyone.

Then again, they did just inadvertently unleash the sweating sickness as part of the finale cliffhanger. I guess the healing period will have to wait.

Which makes me wonder, what is gonna happen when the show comes back? The sickness was released, Artie was stabbed (and hopefully cured from his evil dual personality) but we don't know if he's gonna live or not, and if he does will he have remembered everything that happened and what those consequences are gonna be from that. Plus, H.G. still has the Astrolabe. I wonder if that is gonna come into play again when the show returns.

Overall, I really enjoyed this season. It has come a long way from being that lighthearted show about strange artifacts, and I have loved the progression it has made into darker, more mature territories.

Revenge 2.01 "Destiny"

My greatest addiction is back. \O/

Emily's priorities have shifted and she is now focusing on remembering memories with her mother that could somehow unlock clues to what could have possibly happened to her. After being away from some time regrouping, she finds and teams up with Nolan and returns to the Hamptons in order to find out more information regarding the whereabouts of her mother, and she plans on using the Grayson's once again to gain that information. Of course, nothing is that simple because she soon discovers that Victoria Grayson, who reportedly was killed in a plane crash, is still alive and has been in contact with Charlotte, who has been in rehab and is now being kept there against her will due to fake drug test results constructed by Conrad for his own selfish reasons; and Victoria being alive was kept hidden because the FBI is using this as a way of gaining evidence to corner and destroy Conrad. Emily uses this opportunity to spy on Victoria, only to learn that she is planning on getting rid of Emily for getting too involved in her personal affairs.

And Emily welcomes this threat with open arms. She is ready and willing to take on Victoria and her vicious game.

I, for one, simply loved the season premiere. Emily was fierce and flawless, as always. Nolan was fantastically awesome as per usual as well, and I love that he and Emily are bunking as roommates, even if only temporarily. It'll be a scheming revenge slumber party! ;p

I'm rather indecisive about Ashley. Then again, her character is more of an opportunist so her relationship with Daniel isn't one based on romance but more of gaining the right credentials and social status. Something she seemed to have wanted for a while now. Daniel also seems rather uninterested in the relationship, or not as passionate, and I think he still harbors feelings for Emily. As does Jack, but both of them are in rough situations and quite frankly, I find that Emily doesn't need to be in a romantic entanglement right now considering her current situation herself. I tend to be more on the side of Emily/Revenge in terms of shipping, tbqh.

Of course there's the new guy, which judging from interviews and spoilers he, too, has been on his own road of vengeance so he seems to be on the same page as Emily is. I want to see where that leads to, if anything at all. Would like to see her teaming up with someone else just as tough as she is.

Am I the only one that wants more Emily and Charlotte interaction? I like seeing them together.

Fake Amanda needs to go away. She has her own motives and she doesn't really like Emily that well, and the feeling is mutual. I have a feeling the pregnancy is either faked, or it's not his and she is going to get fake results to prove that it is Jack's when it really isn't. I'm hoping this season they'll get rid of Fake Amanda because she's just in the way. Of course, Jack doesn't seem too interested in Fake Amanda anymore, so maybe that's a good sign? Then again he's been distant with his brother too, so idk what that means. We had the little teaser at the beginning of the premiere about what happens to Jack's boat, so something is gonna happen with that.

So overall, I really loved the premiere. Drama, revenge schemes and flawless ladies, and more of that to come. And I can't wait.

Shows are returning for the fall season, which means there's going to be loads to catch up on and updating with thoughts and reviews.

The only new show this season that I am interested in is Elementary, and I'll make a separate post about that later. But with everything else, it's mostly shows that are returning from summer break into their new seasons. Doctor Who is on break until their Christmas special, and WH13 just finished theirs and will come back next year in April, which is seven months from now. And aside from the current ones I've already been reviewing, there are my other fandoms that I've fallen behind on that I need to catch up to their new seasons. So yeah, already a handful of shows I am watching right now, and not everything is back yet.
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