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Revenge: "Resurrection" Episode Review

Revenge 2.02 "Resurrection"
"For those who believe in resurrection, death is inconsequential. It's not an ending, but rather a new beginning. A second chance, a reunion. The very idea of resurrection is so seductive of a concept that it's easy to forget, before you rise from the have to spend a few days in Hell."

The delicious drama of the Grayson family just keeps getting better and better.

Whatever the hell Victoria is planning against her husband, dealing with money and inheritance, just continues to dig in much deeper. That little moment between her and Conrad really just places their straight up contempt for each other on whole different levels. Of course this is at the expense of their children, Charlotte in particular. At least with Daniel he knows what he got himself into, whether he likes how it turned out or not, but with Charlotte, she's literally this pawn piece between the vicious battle between Victoria and Conrad. I feel horrible for her.

Thankfully, Emily has been there for her so at least she had someone to lean on.

It makes me sad, though, because she cannot reveal to Charlotte that they are sisters. Having Charlotte go to Fake Amanda thinking that they are sisters must've been hard for her. Granted, everything involving Fake Amanda must be hard, and irritating.

Speaking of which, I wished that the baby wasn't Jack's. Regardless, I think there's a reason why Emily lied to Fake Amanda about the results. Having her think it wasn't his would ultimately be soul-crushing and it would test her conscience and her decision on staying with him, especially since he only seems to be happy because he thinks it's his, therefore he may think it's an obligation rather than his true feelings about Fake Amanda, which seem to have been dwindled away. So, in regards to this whole situation, I think Fake Amanda will be leaving sometime this season, hopefully soon.

I was surprised that the White Haired Man died. Then again, I was also surprised that he tried to kill Emily. I kinda wanted him to be an ally of sorts for her, especially since Victoria turned on him. But at least she will have at least someone of the same mindset and goal as she does, and I honestly can't wait to see their chemistry together this season.

Emily and Nolan, being roomies together. ♥ ♥ ♥

I just want them to be roommates forever, tbh. I love whenever they have scenes together and just them bunking down as sassy bff partners in crime is irresistible. I would watch a show just about that, tbh. Emily doing her revenge thing, them teaming up doing some damage, and then coming back home with all sorts of adorable shenanigans.

But of course, I like that we're seeing more of Nolan outside of his partnership in crime with Emily, with his nice little lady friend which he will be having as a partner with his company, who I really like a lot.

As for the mystery with Emily's mother, I honestly can't wait what is discovered and what other things are kept hidden from Emily and her past.
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