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Revenge: "Confidence" Episode Review

Revenge 2.03 "Confidence"

The dirty schemes of the Grayson family just keep getting juicier, Emily is making Fake Amanda more of a pawn into her revenge fold, and we get more information on the history between Emily and Aidan.

What I love most about the Grayson family scenes is how despite appearing put together for the public, everything continues to fall apart from the inside out. Lies, deception, everything is spinning out of control. Of course, this is precisely what Emily wants to happen. She has pitted Daniel against his mother, telling him to play at her game; Charlotte just wants out of the family, while Victoria and Conrad continue their vicious battle against each other. Now that Fake Amanda has been pushed into this pit of savage wolves that is the Graysons, obviously to be Emily's eyes and ears, things are about to get nastier. Just seeing the events unravel so fast, with the fake note sent by Aidan to appear as though the White Haired Man is still alive and threaten the Grayson family and the journal (reconstructed by Emily) given to Charlotte, thus placing everything in motion, it just makes for delicious drama.

It really makes you anticipate what their next move is going be. Moreover, what next move Emily is going to make to once again set things in motion so all those dominoes are knocked down.

Finding out that the White Haired Man was not only supplying for her mother, but was actually intimately involved must have come as a huge shock to Emily, for various reasons. Plus, what we see from the episode she seems to be more aware of what is happening and her contacting Conrad on behalf of the Initiative appears like she's more involved in this than we realize. Just how involved and what she knows is still in the air, but I have a feeling that we're gonna find out soon enough. It may just shake Emily's entire world realizing that not only her mother was still alive, but maybe there was good reason why her father lied about it. Perhaps this might become another Alias reveal, who knows?

All I know is that I can't wait for Emily to find her mother. That reunion is going to be something, I can already predict.

As for Emily and Aidan, I'm actually really liking their past quite a bit. I like that because of their mutual interest in revenge and their training together they grew close. However, because of that Emily could never achieve what she needed to in order to understand her main objective. She had compassion for him, something she couldn't have when on the mission of vengeance. And because of what happened it made her realize she couldn't rely on anyone but herself. Which is why she is so hostile towards him, more than usual with anyone else, because of their history, his betrayal of her, and how she refuses to let herself trust him again because if she does that would lead to having compassion and that would lead to ultimate failure of everything.

I do think she needs another ally and someone she can trust, and I do think that Aidan has good intentions, but trust doesn't come naturally to her. Especially from someone who betrayed her once before (possibly set up by Takada), so their relationship this season should be fascinating.

Also, Emily and Nolan. ♥ Poor Nolan, getting attacked once again (by accident this time) just is not something he signed up for. However, I like that despite that he still is willing to help Emily.

Oh, and "My Emily" ♥ ♥ ♥

Sorry, I just love their friendship. He's like, she's a friend, but it's really complicated how it is. So him referring to her as "My Emily" is kind of adorable, because it was more him trying to come up with something but failing, but it's also sweet in a sense. Idk, it's cute okay. :)
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