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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Marshmallow Marsfest Shiny: Having now officially finished all of season one of Veronica Mars, I am about to have a Marsathon by myself; rewatching all the VM goodness until the season premiere in two weeks. My review from the season finale will be up shortly, along with the House season premiere.

+ Potterific Shiny: Brand New Goblet of Fire trailer has been released. Jaw-dropping action and so many pretty faces, only one problem....where the freaking hell is Draco?!

+ Gorram Shiny!: Serenity, minus 15 days and counting. Big Damn Heroes, here we come!

+++ Extra Tibit 'Shiny' of the Day: Rob Thomas and Joss Whedon, one creator of Veronica Mars the other fanboying over the feisty, persnickety blonde-haired heroine, have been in contact with each other and, according to an E-Mail by Rob himself, Joss might be guest-starring on VMars soon enough. As a cranky rental car manager. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but gorram this is exciting news if I ever heard it! Hopefully, if we're lucky, Kevin Smith will join the party, too. Yayness if Joss does guest-star, then he'll be reuniting with Charisma and (hopefully) Alyson Hannigan if she reappears for the second season.
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