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Nikita: "3.0" Season Premiere Review

Nikita 3.01 "3.0"

Michael proposed to Nikita. ♥

I loved that he initially got all shy and nervous, and then after shit hit the fan his determination of getting that engagement ring back (which he states was hell to get in the first place) and then him proposing, and Nikita just obviously accepting with the greatest line to ever utter after a marriage proposal. They are going to be the best married spy couple, being all sexy and badass.

And the team is all back together. Nikita, Michael, Alex, Sean, Birkhoff. I am loving it.

Plus, there's a woman president on this show now. I just can't get over that fact, tbh.

As for the new and improved Division, it seems very interesting with its operations. It is attempting to undo the damage that Division as a whole has done in the past, correcting the wrongdoings that it once had done before by maintaining quiet order. Of course, such a thing will clash when Nikita is on a mission. I like that she and Ryan are butting heads a bit. I think both are in the right. Ryan is trying to make sure everything is done smoothly and without major risk or casualties, and he knew that Nikita would get emotionally involved once Michael had been taken in, and he couldn't risk something like that. On the other side, however, Nikita makes it clear that what happens out there on the field is unpredictable, and sometimes she has to go with unorthodox and unauthorized measures if such circumstances arise. They just need to have a common ground on where they meet in that area so nothing is compromised in the future.

This season is going to be good, I can feel it. It's a new vision, new complications and new obstacles, all which I am greatly anticipating.

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